3 Ways NFT Gaming Is Building New Wealth Opportunities

    A fresh use-case for cryptocurrencies is gaining steam, mainly in Asia, and it’s spreading to other parts of the emerging globe. Not only is “play-to-earn” a new revenue stream in which people can make real money playing videogames, but it’s also flipping the crypto market upside down by allowing people to invest in a separate category and crypto holders to get a return. It’s creating a three-way market of wealth creation while also making admission into the crypto realm easier.

    Although there is still a considerable distance to go before all of the kinks are ironed out, the prototype system has been achieved, and a surge of investment and new ventures is finding its way to the forefront. The Innovation Adoption Curve is now in the “early adopters” phase and now is the opportunity to understand this niche venture and how you may benefit in three ways. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a big gamer or crypto or NFT investor to participate.

    Play to earn

    According to, there are over 800 blockchain-based computer games that enable you to earn prizes in cryptocurrencies or NFTs. More than 200 of them are still alive. The majority went live in the previous few years, with Axie Infinity, the most popular P2E game, launching in March 2018. It has since been valued at $3 billion.

    When Axie Infinity issued its governance tokens AXS on public markets during the outbreak in 2020, there was a lot of buzz about these games. The demand was spurred by an increase in players, and Axie Infinity’s protocol income increased by 12,047 percent in three months. Its income was just below $3 million in May 2020, and it soared at $364.4 million in August of that year.

    Rent to earn

    So, you’re not interested in playing the game? Owning NFTs and leasing them to guilds is still a viable way to generate money from P2E. This is a newer trend in the NFT arena, but it’s already generating a lot of buzzes. This service isn’t offered by many guilds, but it’s bound to catch on, just like play-to-earn.

    According to a study conducted by Stratis, 58 percent of 197 game creators from the United States and the United Kingdom stated they are beginning to employ blockchain technology, and 47 percent had already begun adding NFTs into their games. It won’t be long until the NFT gaming industry sees more innovation, resulting in additional money-making potential.

    Invest in games and guilds

    If you don’t want to play games and don’t have any game NFTs, you can invest directly in the titles and guilds. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

    There is normally a pre-sale round in the Launchpad before an organization’s token is launched on a public exchange. This is when the general public can purchase the token at a discounted pre-sale price, which is usually substantially lower than the initial exchange price. It’s quite cutthroat; you may not be guaranteed a specific allocation, and allocation amounts and vesting durations are limited.

    You can think about investing in them by acquiring them from the exchanges once they are available publicly. Compare and contrast decentralized exchanges like PancakeSswap and Uniswap with centralized exchanges like Binance and Kucoin. You may be eligible to make your coins based on how the token utility is structured. If you buy Axie Infinity’s AXS token, for example, you can bet it and earn more incentives, with an APR of 88 percent at the time of writing.

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