5 LGBTQ+ artists you can support this Pride month. 

    We all know that Pride month is here. The NFT industry has been a prime supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. This industry has created a diversified and equitable space for artists from different walks of life, regardless of which community they belong. 

    However, if we flip the coin and look deeply at the participation of LGBTQ+ community members, then we find out that there are still underrepresented in this space. There are few NFT collections based on them, but their participation is meager. This tells us that the NFT industry has to walk a long road to establish itself as gender-neutral. To honor the pride month and support LGBTQ+, we will list five artists you can support from this community. 

    1. Talia Rosa Abreu 

    Talia Rosa Abreu is a digital artist and virtual designer who focuses on crafting visual direction and brand identities and producing 2D and 3D art and design. She is a trans-Latina artist and the Runic Glory NFT project director. She is always active in the NFT space and the creator, director cum founder of the Forest Heart Project. This project is an online collaborative video game project. 

    2. Bobby Coyote 

    Bobby Coyote is a transmasc multidisciplinary artist and photographer. He is from Los Angeles. His works revolve around NFT photography and film, hailing from a fashion photography background. He can often experiment with different concepts in his artwork, such as music, color, sexuality, astrology, and addiction. 

    3. Sam August Ng – TheyBalloons 

    If there is any list to be made of the artist from the LGBTQ+ community, he has to be on it. He is one of the top artists hailing from this community. Popularly known as TheyBalloons, he is a non-binary digital, conceptual artist. With the help of glitch arts, 3D, and bold colors, he focuses more on re-imagining neo-expression in Web3. This London-based artist is also the co-founder of Queer Friends, the biggest pride parade in the metaverse. This Queer Frens NFT collection dropped in March 2022 and aimed to promote diversity and inclusion through its 10,000 queer frogs in the NFT space. 

    4. Jason Dixon Zamora 

    Jason Dixon Zamora is a pansexual NFT artist known as Mako HighFlyer. He is the founder of Quinley Quokka NFT collection. This collection features intersectional and inclusive NFTs, which will celebrate 2SLGBTQIA+ icons globally. According to this collection website, he believes, “outing the control back to the hands of communities and artists creates a seismic cultural shift which is needed to smash the current inequitable system and hit the collective reset button.” 

    5. Dr. Brittany Jones 

    Dr. Brittany Jones is the project manager, creator, and co-founder of the Queer Friends NFT. She is a Marine Biologist, a bisexual woman, and an athlete who has studied dolphin communication. She used digital arts to educate young girls about STEAM (science, technology, Engineering, Arts, math) and science. This has led to her interest in this field. 

    These are just a few of the top artists from the LGBTQ+ community. Many new artists are coming from this community. Hopefully, there will achieve the same success in the future, just like other communities. 

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