A beginner’s guide to creating their first NFT.

    An NFT (Non-fungible token) is simply a unique digital asset, not limited to artworks or the virtual world but also touching the physical world.

    Creating your NFT collection is simple. In this article, I’ll guide you through creating your NFT without using codes, programs, or creating excellent graphic designs.

    Content creation.

    While NFTs can be anything ranging from a tweet, a ticket, a picture of your face- for those who want to design their NFT collection digitally, you will need the help of some graphic editing apps.
    First, you have to learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Procreate, or any other graphic editing app that you are familiar with.

    • Most NFT collections, like CryptoPunk, Boredd Ape Yacht Club etc. use image layering to create their NFTs. So first, start with your base layer. You can simply have a solid background and change its color while making other NFTs.
    • For the first layer, sketch whatever you want to. It can be anything from a picture of cloud to a man’s vector image. Fill in the colors as per your choice.
    • For the second layer, it is recommended to make tons of different stickers beforehand and use a combo to make unique designs with each one of them.
    • If you do not have a coding background, then you can manually create unique NFTs by changing the background colors, stickers, and remixing your collection such that every piece is unique.

    Crypto Wallet.

    You need a wallet if you want to work on or with blockchains. MetaMask can be one of the most secure sites to connect your MetaMask wallet with blockchain-based applications.

    Once in, you’re ready to deploy your NFT contracts- required to create NFTs. They act as your proof of ownership.

    For the smart contract, you have to enter the name of your collection and your owner’s address (you will get it from the site you made your crypto wallet in, for example, MetaMask).

    Upload your files.

    You may upload your NFT files(graphic images you earlier created) in any cloud storage like Google Drive, which is centralized. You may upload your files in decentralized storage like one from NFTPort. Now, you are ready to create your NFTs- using a process called Minting.


    • There are 2 ways to mint your NFT. First, is to solve a difficult mathematical puzzle, called proof of work, to verify yourself by uploading your files in Meta Data. This could take weeks and involves a lot of computing power.
    • But this is the correct way and it is recommended that you learn thetechnical skills required to mint on OpenSea or Rarible.
    • An easier way for beginners is using free automatic platforms, like (that have smart contracts). To mint a single NFT, you do not even need to draw a contract, but for your collection you need one.

    Join Discord.

    One of the most loved platforms of NFTs and crypto lovers is Discord. Use this platform for marketing your products for free or at meager prices.

    Listing and Selling.

    Decide on your list price for NFTs and put them up on sale! You can start listing them for 1 ETH or lower, depending on how confident you are with your digital asset. This process could take hours, as listing an NFT in blockchains takes a lot of time.

    Now sit back and relax; your NFTs are live.

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