A student who accidentally became a millionaire with a cult following after selling his expressionless selfies as NFTs says he feels confused

    How Ghozali became famous

    After selling his selfies as non-fungible tokens, an Indonesian student got a billionaire by accident (NFTs). An NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital asset that represents ownership of physical goods like images. According to France24, Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, a 22-year-old Indonesian computer science student, snapped a photo of himself sitting in front of his computer every day for five years.

    Ghozali glances into the camera with a characteristic expressionless look in the images. Ghozali had planned to utilize the selfies in a time-lapse video for his graduation but instead chose to sell them as NFTs. On the trading platform OpenSea, he posted 933 selfies captioned “Ghozali Everyday.” On January 10, he tweeted, “Uploading my photo into NFT hehe.”

    What does he have to say about it?

    “I was thinking it may be amusing if one of the collectors collected my face,” Ghozali told reporters on Thursday at his university’s Semarang campus, according to France24. “I never expected anyone to want to buy the selfies, which is why I only charged $3 for them,” he explained. According to France24, Ghozali’s images gained notoriety after a celebrity chef bought some and pushed them on his social media platforms.

    His face as an NFT

    Over 500 people have bought the student’s selfies since then. Some of his fans have created t-shirts with his likeness on them, while others have written songs about him. His collection has reached a total transaction volume of 384 ether, which is more than $1 million, as of Friday. Ghozali has expressed surprise at how popular his selfies have become. “I’ve sold over 230+ images today, and I’m still not sure why you want to buy #NFT photos of me!!! But I want to thank you for your 5 years of hard work that has paid off “He expressed himself on Twitter.

    His request to the owners of the NFTs

    He also asked that those who buy his selfies don’t “abuse” them, implying that people who edit his photos are abusing them. “Please don’t use my images inappropriately, or my parents would be very displeased… I have faith in you, therefore please look after my images “He sent out a tweet.

    Ghozali revealed last week that he still hasn’t notified his parents about his newfound fortune. To be honest, I have yet to muster the confidence to inform my parents. They’d be curious as to where I received the money from. ” According to France24, Ghozali stated. According to France 24, the student stated that he intends to invest the money and hopes to one day operate an animation company.

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