After Artists and Gamers, Foodies and Politicians also swept up by NFT Mania

    The NFT Frenzy

    Non-fungible token, or NFT, has taken the world by storm. And now, they have managed to grab the attention of the political sphere as well. 

    The Texas Democratic Party has teamed with Front Row.  They will build the Party a program that will allow voters to give money to their favored candidates, using non-fungible tokens. These donations will then be used by the candidates for their campaigns or other causes.

    Many politicians have launched their own NFTs for similar purposes. This includes Blake Masters, a Republican Senate candidate in Arizona, and Shrina Kurani, a Democratic House candidate from California among others.

    Recently, Melania Trump launched NFTs and stated that they will help donors collect “rare and limited-edition pieces while benefiting children in the foster care community.”

    Non-Fungible Ideas across the globe.

    Political representatives have used similar tactics not only in the United States of America but also in other parts of the world. Lee Jae-Myung, a presidential candidate from South Korea, has announced they will now use NFTs to raise funds. They will sell the NFTs and utilize the local money obtained for their party’s campaigns.

    What began in early 2021 as a type of digital asset is now doing more than the promotion of art with such creative approaches.

    NFTs in the food business?

    When it comes to the marketplaces that NFTs have entered, the hospitality business is not the one to be left behind. The VCR Group, which is owned by American entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, makes a far more fascinating pitch than any.

    They plan to launch an NFT-themed restaurant called the Flyfish Club, likely in 2023. It will be a members-only restaurant open to Flyfish NFT owners. This luxury restaurant will in turn provide its members with astonishing views of New York City and gourmet food. 

    There NFTs can be purchased at OpenSea.  The Flyfish and the Flyfish Omakase are two varieties of NFTs offered by the VCR Group. The Flyfish Omasake is a premium membership that grants privileged access to the Omasake room to its members. 

    However, the exclusivity of all NFT Owners will stay the same. All the members get access to the main dining area that comes with a 150-seat space and an open kitchen, an outdoor lounge, and a cocktail lounge. Added to this, they get privileged access to all the virtual events being held by the VCR group.

    What is in store for these new developments in NFT?

    As of now, the VCR Group has sold nearly 1,500 tokens. The amount raised by the tokens alone stands at a total of $14 million. Another food chain- The Buffalo Wings and Rings has started accepting NFTs as a legitimate mode of payment to buy their franchise!

    People selling NFTs would have to use platforms that know their users to prevent being caught up in money laundering activities. Buyers themselves must be cautious and ensure that the sites they utilize and the NFTs they are going to purchase are both legitimate.

    This shows that the popularity of NFTs is growing rapidly, and it sure looks that the horizon is positive.


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