Aswang Tribe NFT will become the first Blue Chip NFT from the Philippines. 

    Aswang Tribe NFT is a new NFT collection in the space. NFT marketplace is growing at a rapid pace. NFT is going to be the future. They are the talk of the town. NFT total trade volume can say it. Last year, it was about $30 Billion, and this year, it can reach a height of $80 Billion. 

    Many developments are happening every day in the NFT space. It is extremely tough for anyone to keep track of the events happening in the NFT space. NFT is a fast-evolving sector that sees a lot of development every day. 

    Aswang Tribe will take a rightful place in NFT land with their collection ready to take charge of this. It has a collection of 3,333 Aswang NFT. This NFT collection is going to launch in late April this year. Their community is trying to secure a spot in their exclusive whitelist for the first drop. Aswang will launch its second NFT collection, and both are based on Filipino mythology as their main inspiration. 

    Aswang Tribe NFT 

    Meet The First Potential Blue Chip NFT From The Philippines: Aswang Tribe –  ULTCUBE88 – Lates NFT News

    Aswang Tribe NFT is a collection of 3,333 unique collections. Aswang is the founding artist of this collection. He was also the founding artist for the primary Aswang NFT collection. The original Aswang NFT collection has only 136 pieces and 62 owners only. The floor price of this NFT collection is 4 ETH which is very much when it is converted to Philippine pesos (its national currency). 

    Aswang Tribe NFT collection has unique artwork with many details and rarity. This is considered perfect for any group to go up in the future. The team of this NFT collection already has a lot of collaboration and partnerships much before the collection’s launch. For example, they have partnered with an Indonesian NFT project Karafuru NFT. They are also working with Signature Sneakers NFT, whose tussle ended a few days ago in court with Nike. They have an essential collaboration with Augmented Labs to craft their smart contracts and other Web3 developments. This collaboration is vital in terms of the plan of Aswang to build their decentralized metaverse brands. 

    Aswang is simply an umbrella term for various shape-shifting evil creatures in Filipino folklore, including ghosts, vampires, and witches. The Aswang community is expanding at a significantly faster rate. More than 3k new owners are going to join the club very soon. This will establish Aswang as the first blue-chip NFT from the Philippines. They plan to introduce three clans, with each having 1,111 NFTs. These include Siyokoy (Chad fish), Duwende (Qt Mushroom), and Tikbalang (Badass Horses). 

    Future Plan for Aswang

    Aswang Tribe NFT Project Overview | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Interviews and  more

    After the success of Aswang’s original NFT collection, they have decided to move forward with this new collection. After this, they plan to enter the world of Metaverse and become the first blue-chip NFT from the Philippines. They have kept their roadmap to success very clear and straight. At this point, their discord is very active also. Every day they organize clan battles and contests. Their community is also thrilled and is increasing at a high-speed rate. Aswang is genuinely going to be a great NFT company in the future. 

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