Azuki on the way to becoming the world’s best selling NFT collection?

    Azuki, literally meaning ‘red bean’ in Japanese, is a collection of anime character-like digital art. Anime art enjoys a considerable fanbase, and when it comes to well-drawn sketches, fans love the cool color scheme and the bold outlines.

    People love to collect their favorite character’s items and art posters and pieces. In this scenario, the Azuki NFT collection promises the anime and manga fans a world of their dreams- now they have complete ownership of a character! Anime lovers can now become the main character of their own story, with fabulous features and skills.

    Azuki NFT collection.

    Azuki prides itself on creating a new brand together, or the metaverse made with the cumulative efforts of the general public.

    Azuki consists of a collection of 10,000 avatars that grants you entry to The Garden as a member. The Garden is where the magic happens, or simply, the avatars come together. The Garden is an internet oasis where art, culture, and users collide to create something magical. It is a virtual space where boundaries between the physical and digital worlds have become increasingly blurred, and the rules are being rewritten. 

    An improvised version of ERC721-ERC721A is their most recent build-up. As soon as it was made public, it was published on their website, as well as on the Azuki NFT Twitter account.

    The journey to becoming an Azuki is interesting. It starts with unique streetwear collaborations, NFT drops, live events, and other occasions. Azuki’s community ownership enables unique digital media loved and enjoyed by the fans. They aim that every user develops together as an ‘Azuki’ your in their metaverse character or persona.

    A glimpse of NFT characters from the Azuki collection.

    Details of the Azuki collection.

    At the time of writing, the stats were:
    Total Items in the Collection- 10 K
    Owners of the collection- 4.7 K (Implying that one can buy as many characters as they want)
    Azuki NFT Floor Price -2.49 ETH (Price is subject to market perception, and this is only the starting price/list price)
    Volume Traded- 12.6 K (till the time of writing)

    Azuki’s four founders are unknown, which is not uncommon in the privacy-conscious crypto sector. The identity of super popular BAYC was also recently revealed. But, Arnold Tsang, the fifth key player in Chiru, is a relatively well-known figure in the gaming business. Tsang, a 39-year-old conceptual artist, had a day job overseeing character design for Overwatch, Activision Blizzard’s popular game with 60 million registered players.

    Tsang has started working full-time with Chiru (creators of Azuki) as part of a campaign to expand the Azuki brand, which he created in his own time, into clothes and other products.

    Steps on minting an Azuki:

    • Go to the Azuki NFT website ( and select “Shop” from the top right menu.
    • When the minting process begins, you’ll have the option of minting up to 5 Azukis.
    • The time limit is 48 hours to mint one Azuki.

    Surprising rise in Azuki’s popularity:

    These anime-style “skateboarder” avatars have racked up $300 million in transactions in the last four weeks, outpacing even the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

    Azuki’s processed almost $300 million in transaction volume across many major NFT platforms, including OpenSea, in the four weeks ending February 11. The most costly Azuki’s now cost half a million dollars, while the cheapest ones cost $36,000.

    This spike in the numbers shows just how much fame the 2D characters have in the real world!

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