Best NFT Projects to Follow in 2022

    There are millions of NFTs available for purchase, and hundreds of new projects appear to be launched every day. How do you sort through all of the noise to find the most promising NFT startups to follow and possibly invest in?

    For one thing, depending on how much money you want to invest, you might not want to consider NFTs as an option. On OpenSea (the most popular NFT marketplace), there are presently 4 million assets, with possibly millions more on other platforms such (Rarible, Foundation, SuperRare, NBA Top Shot, and more). Given the vastness and ever-expanding nature of the NFT universe, it’s realistic to assume that not all of these assets will appreciate.


    Gary Vaynerchuk, the serial entrepreneur, is behind VeeFriends. Gary is the founder and chairman of VaynerX, as well as the CEO of VaynerMedia and the owner of VeeFriends. Simply explained, VeeFriends is a pass to Gary V’s multi-day super conference, which is only open to VeeFriends token holders. VeeCon is the world’s first NFT ticketed conference. VeeCon is a gathering of VeeFriends token holders who get together to form a community, share ideas, and learn together.

    Flyfish Club

    The Flyfish Club is Gary Vaynerchuk’s second business, and it is the world’s first NFT member-only private dining club. Flyfish club members will have access to a 10,000+ square foot private dining area in New York City. The basic Flyfish membership costs 2.5 ETH, while the Flyfish Omakase membership costs 4.25 ETH and includes the omakase room You can reserve a table for up to 8 non-token holding guests with a regular Flyfish membership. You can book a table for the same number of guests with the Flyfish Omakase option, but you can only invite one visitor to the omakase room.

    Women Rise

    Maliha Abidi, an internationally known visual artist, created a 10,000-piece randomly generated collection called Women Rise. The collection’s purpose is to make the NFT area more inclusive and varied by featuring more female characters and donating a portion of primary sales to organizations that promote gender equality, girls’ education, and mental health in underserved communities.

    Property’s Virtual Reality

    Property’s is the most forward-thinking real estate collecting game in the NFT and metaverse. They hope to deliver an experience never seen before – both on and off the metaverse – by combining the mechanics of the world’s most popular games. Each NFT is a collectible card depicting a piece of real estate influenced by many cultures and economies. Prior to its introduction, Property’s has been frantically forming agreements with other brands and NFT communities. The Property’s game will have Crypto Barista-themed coffee shops and carts throughout the area, thanks to a cooperation with the Crypto Baristas. Keep an eye on Property’s game because it’s a component of the Sandbox user-generated universe that’s just getting started.


    Cryptoon Goonz is a 6969 generative rubber hose type characters project by artist and tattooer @SeanTat2s, featuring hundreds of unique features. Cryptoon Goonz’s work is reminiscent of early Mickey Mouse graphics, with pop culture, hip-hop, and streetwear themes adorning each piece. Cryptoon Goonz has a large and active Discord community with over 10,000 members, so it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in learning more about the project.

    Invisible Friends

    Markus Magnusson, an animator who brings 5,000 invisible strolling figures to life, created Invisible Friends. Markus Magnusson is dubbed “Motion Markus” for good reason, as evidenced by his Vimeo channel. The Invisible Friends project is planned to launch in February 2022, and it already has a large Discord (250k+ users) and Twitter following (373k followers). If you’re unlucky enough to get one of the 5,000 characters, Markus has put together a pretty nice merch bundle, which you can see here. Even the illustrator of the Crypto Baristas project is a fan of Invisible Friends, mentioning it on his blog about the Best Illustrated NFT Projects of 2022.

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