Bitgert Dino collection sold out in 24 hours

    Bitgert launches its first NFT

    Bitgert (BRISE) has debuted its NFT, and it is generating waves in the NFT sector as planned. The Bitgert NFT is generating a lot of buzz, and it could soon be one of the finest performers on the market.

    The now-famous Miidas, a Startup Studio, launched the Bitgert NFT marketplace. The Miidas NFT marketplace’s presale had one of the best results once it was introduced. This is because investors saw the enormous potential of the NFT business.

    The Dino collection was one of the first NFT collections on the Bitgert blockchain, thanks to the Miidas NFT marketplace. The dinosaurs’ NFT collection sold out in less than a day, indicating that Bitgert’s NFT demand has skyrocketed. Here is some interesting information concerning Bitgert NFTs and the Miidas marketplace.


    Bitgert has made its NFTs available through Miidas, an NFT marketplace that debuted as part of the Startup Studio. The Bitgert team created the Startup Studio to assist in bringing tiny initiatives to the forefront and raising financing for development.

    In partnership with Sphynx Lab, Bitgert has created a decentralized exchange where all tokens created using the Startup Studio can be listed. The tokens are linked to Bitgert BRISE, and the funds collected from token sales will be utilized to further develop the projects.

    Bitgert NFT is a Miidas product that has done exceptionally well. The Bitgert Miidas NFT marketplace has already begun to release its collection of NFTs, and the Dino collection was an instant hit, selling out in less than a day.

    Because of the Brise chain’s low gas charge and fastest speed, the Bitgert NFT marketplace is projected to continue to grow rapidly. One of the reasons why the demand for these NFTs is skyrocketing is the Bitgert blockchain. The next batch of Bitgert NFTs is expected to sell out as well.


    Because of its enormous potential, the NFT business is already getting a lot of attention. Most major celebrities, including Michael Jordan and a slew of others, have expressed an interest in entering the NFT sector and minting NFTs.

    Because of its robust blockchain, the Bitgert NFT marketplace is expected to be the best in the market. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain features the smallest gas fee, which is $0, and the fastest chain. These are the characteristics that will allow Bitgert to provide the finest NFT minting, selling, and buying experience possible.

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