Blockchain in Cyber Security

    Blockchain technology is making headlines as companies use it for cyber security. Companies like JP Morgan are using it to process private transactions, CISCO is using it to secure Internet of Things devices, and Coinbase has begun using it to secure supply chains. Here’s how the technology works. It eliminates the need for keys to verify data, making it more secure and less likely to be compromised.

    CISCO uses blockchain technology to secure IoT devices

    Blockchain is an increasingly popular technology that is used in the Internet of Things. The idea behind the technology is to provide a tamper-proof ledger of operational data that can be shared between all parties involved in a transaction. The technology has many potential applications in industries such as supply chains, energy and utilities, and the health sector.

    For example, it can be used in the IoT space as an embedded solution to secure devices. The blockchain can maintain a record of each device’s identity on an immutable ledger and can be used to track its reputation using monitored transactions. This system also allows for fluid interaction between validated IoT devices.

    JP Morgan uses blockchain technology to process private transactions

    JP Morgan is using blockchain technology to simplify the process of transferring funds. This new way of processing transactions will help minimize the cost of processing complex payments and reduce the risk of mismatched information. It will also help financial institutions instantly execute transactions. The technology will help streamline payments by cutting down on the time and effort required by the receiving and sending banks.

    In November, JP Morgan had 100 blockchain-related job openings. It increased hiring by eighty percent between November 2021 and March 2022. More than one-third of these new hires were for its Onyx unit. In addition, three executives left the bank to join a crypto startup. This is a sign that JP Morgan is serious about its long-term goals in the blockchain industry. Its blockchain technology could eventually link the crypto economy with institutional investors.

    Coinbase uses blockchain to store wallets and passwords

    Cybersecurity is an important part of running a business, and Coinbase takes several precautions to keep users’ information safe. Coinbase adheres to US federal and state laws regarding cybersecurity, including the Bank Secrecy Act and the USA Patriot Act. The company also complies with KYC (know your customer) policies, which require cryptocurrency exchanges to verify the identities of users before granting access to their accounts.

    Blockchain technology provides an additional layer of security. It allows users to verify that only authorized mobile apps and web sessions are active. In addition, users can choose to confirm which devices are authorized to access their Coinbase account. Users should regularly check these credentials and monitor for any suspicious activity.

    SyncFab uses blockchain to secure supply chains

    SyncFab is a blockchain-based supply chain management company that uses digital technologies to ensure supply chains run smoothly. The company’s platform allows manufacturers to securely share information and collaborate on projects with ease. This allows companies to secure their supply chains from design to delivery and helps them compete and differentiate themselves from their competitors. It uses blockchain technology to create a tamper-proof and transparent history of transactions.

    Currently, the supply chain procurement process is riddled with multiple inefficiencies and security risks. The current process requires tedious exchanges of information, overlapping processes for payment and verification, and a lack of information on the real provenance of products. By using blockchain, manufacturers and procurement teams can improve productivity while avoiding these issues. This technology has advanced security and trust features, making it the perfect tool to secure supply chains.

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