Cool Cats Launches new NFT collection Cooltopia

    Cool Cats

    On the Ethereum blockchain, Cool Cats is a collection of programmatically created NFTs. The first generation consists of 9,999 Cats assembled at random from a pool of approximately 300,000 possible combinations. They come in a wide range of clothes, facial expressions, and colors. Each Cool Cat has its own body, cap, face, and costume, so the combinations are practically unlimited! Cats in full clothing are the coolest, but all cats are cool.

    Keep in mind that all cats are cool! Depending on the materials used to make your Cool Cat, it may be valued more or less than other ones. Ones that are more common, such as a beanie or a hat, are worth fewer points than items that are rarer, such as a computer head or an ape suit. The value of each Cool Cat varies between 3 and 10 points. Your Cool Cat’s points may be used in some contests and raffles, and they’ll become more valuable for breeding as time goes on!

    Cool cats new NFT

    Cool Cats have finally released their game, Cooltopia, after a long time of expectation.

    Cooltopia, according to the company’s official website, will act as both the project’s gamified NFT experience and overall ecology. The economics of the community will be fueled by $MILK, a token that Cool Pets owners can earn by holding their NFT and completing daily missions.

    These NFTs has overcome numerous hurdles to get to this position. On OpenSea, the project now has a traded volume of 98.4K ETH (roughly $296,714,000) and a floor of 8.29 ETH. At the time of writing, the company’s secondary collection, Cool Pets, has gathered 24.8K ETH in traded volume.

    NFTs from both the Cool Pets and Cats collections are planned to be included in Cooltopia, as well as the questing system, Cool Shop, marketplace, and other features. The team wants to make this environment as accessible as possible for all elements of their project.

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