For the first time in India, ORAI corporation presents all employees with NFT.

    About the ORAI company and its NFT collection.

    ORAI Robotics, a conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm, said that it had presented Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) as prizes to all its employees, which currently numbers over 50 people. The NFTs were validated and sent to the employees via a digital wallet by ORAI.

    ORAI Upbeat ‘is the name of the company’s first NFT collection, which was distributed to the employees. The NFTs were just minted and launched.

    The ORAI Upbeat collection includes 500 one-of-a-kinds NFT collectibles created exclusively for ORAI workers and essential stakeholders.

    Each of these collectibles reportedly represents optimistic, cheerful, and happy robots that are meant to encourage participation in the Metaverse. ORAI Robotics partnered with to help make this ground-breaking initiative a success.

    What the company has to say:

    ORAI Robotics announced in a statement that it is the first company in India to provide employees with corporate NFTs. A representative of ORAI stated that “There is no cost to the NFT provided to the employees It’s given to the employees, It will be employees decision to put it on auction,”

    Employees can either keep or display their NFTs as a medal, badge of honor, or certificate, or they can trade and transfer them to profit from them.

    The employees can store, auction, or sell it back to the employer.

    Buy Back option open.

    According to the corporation, employees can also use a repurchase program to monetize their NFTs by returning them to the company after a set length of time, subject to certain restrictions and conditions.

    Additionally, for employees who have NFTs, the company will provide free access to various training and events relating to conversational AI, skill development, and other related activity.

    Swapnil Jain, Co-Founder & CEO of ORAI Robotics, commented about this initiative: “We at ORAI Robotics wanted to introduce a unique and innovative way to thank our employees who make this company awesome. And this is exactly why we ideated and minted a plethora of unique collectibles as NFTs under the theme ‘UpBeat,’ and thereafter gave away one NFT from this collection to each of our employees.”

    Further plans to look forward to.

    ORAI Robotics has also announced a long-term strategy to use NFTs to recognize the accomplishments of its personnel and the company as a whole, thereby cementing NFT as a significant element of the company’s cultural DNA.

    For example, the company wants to assign one NFT airdrop into an employee’s wallet every time they reach a one-year milestone with the company in the future. Going by the current market trends, this approach is financially sound for the employees and is ample tech-savvy.

    Employees who complete their first year with the company will be given GIF NFTs. Accordingly, those who complete their second, third, fourth, and fifth years with the company will be given Animated GIFs, Videos, Audio/Music, and Art NFTs.

    Apart from these plans, ORAI Robotics also intends to distribute NFTs to its partners, customers, and other key business stakeholders. The company also wants to use blockchain NFTs as background verification, past qualifications, diplomas, awards, and other data by storing it on the blockchain and using it as proof of employment.

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