Gamma marketplace, a Bitcoin NFT marketplace, Announces Web3 Social Network.

    Gamma marketplace is an NFT marketplace that is based on the Bitcoin ecosystem. NFT marketplace is growing at a rapid pace. NFT is going to be the future. They are the talk of the town. NFT total trade volume can say it. Last year, it was about $30 Billion, and this year, it can reach a height of $80 Billion. 

    Many developments are happening every day in the NFT space. It is extremely tough for anyone to keep track of the events happening in the NFT space. NFT is a fast-evolving sector that sees a lot of development every day. 

    STXNFT, the leading NFT marketplace on the Stacks programming layer, has recently launched a new brand. Their unique brand name goes by Further, they are also looking to introduce the world’s Web3 social network centered around NFTs. 

    Gamma Marketplace debuts Web3 social platform

    Gamma Marketplace is a Bitcoin-based marketplace that aims to serve as the home for investors, creators, and collectors. It is unique from its other competitors as many other popular marketplaces are Ethereum-based marketplaces, but Gamma is a Bitcoin-based marketplace. With the rise of digital asset ownership, the Gamma platform allows everyone to come together on their marketplace and ex[plore its platform, trade on it, and show their extraordinary NFTs collection through their Bitcoin ecosystem. 

    Gamma has commissioned a motto, “Together, with Gamma,” created by a group of artists and creators to celebrate its new creator-first platform. Therefore, depicting the slogan of people coming together around Web3 and Bitcoin, the collection features several dozen digital collectibles. Gamma is one such platform that firmly believes in Bitcoin decentralization despite knowing that most marketplaces are based on Ethereum and other blockchain ecosystems. 

    Gamma Founder and CEO Jamil Dhanani say, “We know and have seen how the NFTs have revolutionized the world of digital assets over the past 3 to 4 years. They are connecting artists, curators, collectors, and creators all together in one place. We’ve made friends, built communities, and invested in projects we believed in, and this all has been done through some platforms which have brought together people from all over the world.”

    He added, “Gamma is the next step in this wonderful evolution, doubling down on community and putting the artists, collectors, and curators first.” 

    About Gamma 

    Bitcoin NFT Marketplace Gamma Announces Web3 Social Network | NFT Cable

    Gamma is the leading marketplace for Bitcoin-based NFT collection. Stacks power it. It consists of three top platforms:

    1. For traders and collectors, a user-friendly marketplace for exploring and trading NFT.
    2. For creators, a launchpad where artists can deploy their thoroughly tested intelligent contracts within a few minutes.
    3. A social platform that connects collectors and creators in a Web3 native way. 

    Furthermore, Gamma supports hundreds of NFT collections. They have deployed over 500 NFT collections using a no-code portal on their marketplace. Within six months after its initial launch, the marketplace has facilitated millions of dollars of transactions on its platform. 

    Future of Gamma Marketplace

    Leading Bitcoin NFT Marketplace Announces Web3 Social Platform

    It seems like Gamma will become one of the most popular marketplaces globally, just like OpenSea and Rarity. They are working hard on their technology to provide everyone a smooth and fast technology. However, they have to advance their platform much more to compete with the best in the market. They are already a leading platform that is Bitcoin-based. But to become a leading platform worldwide, they need to integrate different blockchains into their platforms. 

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