HAPEBEASTS HAPE #546 sold for whopping 99 ETH ($296,123)

    Since the introduction of the HAPEBEASTS, it has created much hype globally. Some people also considered this the second Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT (BAYC) or an alternative. This NFT was the world’s most oversubscribed NFT, which had more than 450,000 members before the pre-sale on their discord. This NFT has been making people crazy since its beginning, and we would not be surprised if this will cause some new records in the sale list of NFT in the future. 

    After the launch of this NFT in January this year, one of the rare HAPE NFT was sold for whopping 99 ETH ($296,123), which makes it one of the most expensive NFTs sold. However, the name of the buyers is still not released yet. Let’s look at why this NFT collection was sold for this high price.


    HYPEBEASTS NFT is 3D animated ape-inspired characters used as avatars online in the metaverse. They ideally take their inspiration from 90s hip hop, streetwear, etc. This is liked by people from all the industries like sports, fashion, and entertainment, increasing its popularity. There are 8,192 fully digital 3D HAPES going to mint on the Ethereum Blockchain. They have been sold for a minimum price of $20,000 on OpenSea marketplace, the biggest marketplace for NFT in the world. 

    Each HAPE is a 3D digital fashion model designed by Digimental founder and artist Matt Sypien. One who doesn’t know about Matt Sypien is a famous artist and has past clients, including Nike, MTV, Chelsea FC, Jordan Air, and renowned cartoon channel Nickelodeon. 

    Their clients include famous footballer Neymar, John Terry, Reece James, Gael Monfils, and four of the rare HAPE images were secured by the Paris Hilton for their mysterious clients. It is important to note that the team offers no public sale. Only Hapelisted HAPES have the opportunity to make a mint in this NFT collection. However, others can go to the secondary market OpenSea to buy this NFT collection. 


    Roadmap ensures that the project will survive for a more extended period or not. Because many NFT collections make an excellent hype before their release and sell their NFT collection at a higher rate but don’t last long, that’s why roadmap is an essential factor to consider despite how popular NFT is. However, the team doesn’t list their complete roadmap; they have only given a teaser of the roadmap.

    Phase 1: In the Beginning

    It will give a new dimension and provide the first drop and music to HAPE.

    Phase 2: The HAPE Machine

    Second drops, special collections, and simian engineering will be given.

    Phase 3: The HAPEWALK

    Clothing Collabs, HAPE Couture, Runway to Fame.

    This project is up-and-coming, which is why this NFT collection is much-hyped. It is not wrong to consider this NFT collection as an alternative to BAYC NFT, and it also not be wrong if it breaks the sales record of BAYC NFT in the future. Its mint is live now, and it would be interesting to see how many more celebrities will join this NFT project in the future. 

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