Hashmasks NFT project is looking promising and has longevity. 

    Hashmasks NFT is looking very promising, and their followers have also increased a lot. NFT marketplace is growing at a rapid pace. NFT is going to be the future. They are the talk of the town. NFT total trade volume can say it. Last year, it was about $30 Billion, and this year, it can reach a height of $80 Billion. 

    Many developments are happening every day in the NFT space. It is extremely tough for anyone to keep track of the events happening in the NFT space. NFT is a fast-evolving sector that sees a lot of development every day. 

    The Hashmasks NFT is a collection of almost 16,384 Tiki-styled portraits created by nearly 70 artists worldwide. Suum Cuique Labs are operating it. This collection was launched on January 28 last year. Since its launch last year, this collection has seen an increasing number of holders. Hashmasks’ followers have grown up to 40% in the previous 30 days on Instagram, and they have received a good number of followers on their Twitter and Discord. 

    The Hashmasks NFT

    What Makes Hashmasks So Valuable? - NFT's Street

    Hashmasks holders have the authority to take part in the art and suggest changes on their NFT. The Hashmasks NFT feature visuals of tribal masks and mythical ancient glyphs. They have also named their exclusive NFTs on the blockchain using NCT (Name Change Tokens), which will add rarity to the collection.

    Holders have the right to participate in the art while enjoying full commercial rights over their NFTs. Also, each Hashmasks NFT comes with both implicit and explicit rarity. Explicit rarity is the trait that serves as the public’s general guidance. This includes mask, character type, background, skin tone, etc. Implicit rarity is the hidden traits of the NFT artwork that you are waiting to discover. This may be anything. For example, 12.5% of the collection wear an animal mask, while only 5.9% wear pixel masks. Also, a unicorn mask is present in only 13 Hashmasks collections, which is only 0.04% of the entire group. Thus, the character with unicorn masks is much more unique than those wearing pixel masks and animal masks. Hence, all masks are an implicit rarity.  

    Exploring Hashmasks NFT

    How Hashmasks Changed the NFT Scene - Upside

    There are hundreds of thousands of possible combinations that will take us forever to explore the fantastic artworks of Hashmasks NFTs fully. Till today, the team occasionally organizes events and quizzes for the public to examine impressive, mysterious aspects of the paintings.

    For instance, in their latest Mystery Hour event, participants were tasked to investigate the puzzling look of colored dots on Hashmasks NFTs. If you wish to participate, make sure you join Hashmasks’ Discord. However, the person with the most appropriate answer has a chance to win a Hashmasks NFT also. 

    Hashmasks Future

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    Hashmasks NFT story is one of the very earliest success stories in Web3. Based on their latest roadmap, they have a plan to partner with museums and galleries in the upcoming future. Furthermore, there will be a few community meetups in the forthcoming NYC NFT (June) and the Art Basel Week in Miami.

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