Highly anticipated BAYC derivative project Mint is live!

    We all know the success of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT, the collection of 10,000 super unique NFTs of apes. They have an average sale price of over $200,000 and have a long list of celebrities owing this. 

    The most famous project is the ones that have the best utility and best artwork. However, people cannot get it when they are less popular, and when they become more popular, many people in the world can’t afford to own it. If you are one of those who missed the opportunity to own BAYC when it was at a low price and wants to own it, then this article is for you.

    What is a Derivative Project?

    The derivative project is similar to the blue-chip project. They are not original but are outright copies of the original. They look like the original NFT and also function the same in terms of utility. They also draw inspiration from the art or function. It has a much lower initial value and often is highly motivated, and it is easy for the people to own them and be a part of the elite group. It acts the same as the clone of some select products in the market today. A person who can’t afford to buy expensive products gets the clone to be a part of that elite group. So, just like this derivative project are.

    Why the derivative project?

    In the simplest term, this is the next big thing. As a tiny percentage of the population can afford the original popular blue-chip project, most people can’t own it. So, in this scarcity comes the derivative, which means the alternative, a copy of the original but has 1% different traits from the original one.

    Few things which makes a derivative a successful derivative are:

    • They are not exact copies of the original NFTs.
    • There should be more traits: the more the traits, the cheekier the take on the original.
    • Community support is essential because if collectors don’t have support from the creators, the community will miss the hype, and hence the project will fall. 
    • A good project roadmap that will ensure longevity. 

    Why BAYC derivative project?

    There are many copies of the BAYC project, but they are not worth it because they are just copies. This BAYC Derivative collection is founded by BAYC and MAYC owners, making them reliable. Also, this project has an excellent long-term roadmap that will ensure its longevity. Many derivative projects perform well at their mint but drop sometime later because of their lack of proper roadmap, but this project has a good roadmap. Also, there is a team working very hard to make something unique. As most of the successful derivatives are not exact copies of the original, that’s why their team is working hard only to take inspiration from the original BAYC NFTs.

    This project already has more than 200k members who joined the discord in only five days, making it the fastest-growing 2D project ever, ensuring its hype. 

    This project also fulfills the parameters of being an excellent derivative project. However, you should research properly about this project and then only invest in it and don’t consider this as a piece of financial advice.

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