Hike introduces NFT avatars on its blockchain-based gaming platform.

    Hike Messenger, also known as Hike Sticker Chat, was a cross-platform instant messaging (IM) and Voice over IP (VoIP) application developed in India. Founded by Kavin Bharti Mittal, it is now operated and managed by Hike Private Limited.

    With non-fungible tokens’ enormous popularity, it’s reasonable to conclude that they’ve made their way into the gaming community.

    The Rush Gaming Universe by Hike.

    ‘Hike’ is the once-popular internet messaging service that has shifted its focus to blockchain gaming. The Rush Gaming Universe is a Hike-powered smartphone gaming platform based on blockchain.

    Rush is a gaming platform that allows players to make money simply by playing skill games. Carrom freestyle, Quizzy, Speed Ludo, Disc Football, Knife Hit, and other games are included in the program.

    Previously, we saw Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms adding NFT profile pictures (PFP) feature, and now, Hike has added this element to its games. According to the company, exclusive Rush Avatar NFTs will be available in the game. These avatars are blockchain-based digital identities for users on RGU (Rush Gaming Universe).

    According to Hike, as part of the initial sale, the business would deliver ‘launch edition’ NFTs to the platform’s most active users, which will be rarer than other NFTs on the platform, therefore rewarding the platform’s most active players with more valuable tokens.

    The airdrop, or initial rollout, of the NFTs, will take happening today on Android and later on iOS. An ‘airdrop’ of NFTs is a promotional activity where the company, in this case, Hike’s RGU, sends any web3 asset for free, such as a crypto token or (in this case) NFTs, to preset wallet addresses. This is similar to marketing tactics where freebies are distributed to gain the popularity and interest of the consumers.

    For the time being, Rush has only made this chance available to Android users, but they have assured iOS users that they will have to wait.

    The basis on which the company’s model was based upon:

    The mobile internet industry in India is enormous. India already has over 500 million 4G users. With the advent of 5G technology and mobile phones supporting 5G launching in the market, Web3 will take over more interest in people.

    The average data consumption in India is 14+ GB (as of June 2021). This is attributed to the very low price of data which is set around $0.1 per GB as opposed to the average 1GB cost of data in the United States, which is 12.37$.

    Smartphones, regardless of price, are tremendously powerful devices (dual-core CPUs and powerful GPUs too), but right now, strong computing power is needed to mint NFTs- a suitable job for computers and laptops.

    Responses from the users:

    RGU is the world’s first mobile-only blockchain gaming platform. A new kind of play-to-earn virtual environment where users can Play, Compete, and Win by putting their skills to the test.

    Users took to Twitter to express their excitement over the freebies. Hike held a contest for the members to welcome the RGU NFT feature, and winners got cash awards along with recognition for their excellent memes!

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