How AirNFTs intends to transform the creative sector

    What are NFTs?

    Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are blockchain-based proofs of ownership for digital assets. Art, game collectibles, trophies, tweets, images, memes, GIFs, and even this post are all represented by them. However, the new AirNFTs are taking the marketplace. In contrast to fungible assets like the US Dollar or cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, they are non-interchangeable by nature, and their value is entirely subjective.

    Why are NFTs important?

    The power of NFTs to give uniqueness to everything in the safest method possibly makes them a gold extension of the creator economy, raising it several notches. Digital artworks now have real value thanks to NFTs, which can be verified on a blockchain.

    Given how widely blockchain (the underpinning) technology is being adopted, it doesn’t take a leap of faith to see where the NFT space is headed.

    On NFT marketplaces

    NFT marketplaces are blockchain-based platforms for buying, selling, and auctioning NFTs.

    Liquidity, like any other asset, requires a marketplace. As a result, NFT marketplaces have sprung up in virtually equal numbers as the NFT boom. Here are some of the best features to look for in a marketplace, some of which are currently lacking.

    • Transactions should be quick in an ideal NFT marketplace. Users will be disappointed with activities that take minutes or even hours to finish.
    • Transaction fees should be kept to a minimum.
    • User experience: marketplaces should be simple and easy to use in order to accelerate adoption.
    • Active communities promote liquidity, so NFT DApps and marketplaces require a large and active user base.
    • Governance: A decentralized framework in which all holders of a platform’s native utility token have the right to vote and make choices is ideal.
    • Bonuses, referrals, and launchpads are examples of extras.

    Ethereum NFT marketplaces

    The Ethereum blockchain has become the primary chain for the largest marketplaces such as Opensea, Rarible, Superrare, and Nifty Gateway, thanks to its capacity to perform transactions using smart contracts and for being the first platform to support programmable decentralized apps.

    The magnitude of the Ethereum-based marketplace community is a huge benefit. In the NFT arena, most marketplaces have established themselves as household names. In addition to the third-party marketplaces stated above, many ETH-based NFT DApps, such as gaming and sports, feature in-app marketplaces, making their digital collectibles extremely liquid.

    Binance Smart Chain

    The Binance smart chain, a smart contract-enabled chain that runs alongside the Binance chain, was introduced in September 2020, and other NFT projects have since jumped on board.

    Everyone is aware that BSC has a significant advantage over Ethereum in terms of transaction speed and low fees. The biggest disadvantage is that the current markets are only a small part of these DApps. And for newcomers, navigating these exchange markets can be difficult. It’s past time for Binance Smart Chain to sprout sole NFT marketplaces.

    AirNFTs hold promise

    AirNFTs is a forthcoming NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain that is designed to be both fast and easy to use for even the most inexperienced NFT artists. To provide NFTs to everyone, the platform combines BSC’s advantage in transaction speed, cheap fees, and an exceptionally easy-to-use user experience.

    Future Plans

    The platform intends to do the following in addition to creating the ideal NFT marketplace:

    • Release the AirNFT token, a native utility token that will be used to encourage users, provide airdrops, and allow holders to recommend and vote on proposals to further the project.
    • With NFT launchpads, you can help digital creators get their work out there.
    • Create an auction where users can compete for bids.
    • Introduce royalties that allow authors to profit from the resale of their NFTs;
    • Also, connect the BSC network to Ethereum 2.0 to provide a one-stop cross-chain center for all valuables.

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