So, you’ve come up with a fantastic idea for an NFT project, you’re either working alone or in a group, and you’ve possibly created some of the artwork. You have a fantastic idea for your project and want to take it all the way to the moon.

    What comes next? You’ll need to create a community around your NFTs in order to be able to sell them. Using social media to market your NFT project is the most obvious approach to doing it. Social media is a fantastic – and necessary – tool for forming a community around your NFT. Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Telegram, and Reddit are some of the top social media sites for promoting your product.

    Your community’s strength will be critical to the success of your NFT project. Here are some of our best recommendations for developing a strong community around your NFT and generating excitement for your collection’s launch and beyond.

    Be Authentic

    Chef Dizzy, the co-founder of the successful NFT project Junkyard Dogs, discusses how to create a strong, organic community for your NFT initiative. He emphasizes the significance of being genuine because it is the most effective way to connect with others. Use your social media platform to explain why you’re working on this project, provide updates on the progress, and introduce the team so that the product has a face.

    Most NFT collectors and aficionados are looking for more than simply a good investment; they are looking for a sense of belonging. People can also spot inauthentic or gimmicky behavior fast. Instead, devote time to creating a project you’re proud of, and then seek out people who share your enthusiasm. It also establishes trust and shows your community that you’re committed in the long run.

    Select your channels

    Choose engagement channels that you believe will resonate with your audience. We strongly advise you to start with Twitter and Discord and then expand to additional platforms as needed.

    • Discord: Originally a game platform, Discord has evolved into a bigger space that includes the NFT crypto community. What’s amazing about it is that it’s quite customizable; you can create separate channels for general information, chat, question of the day, and so on.
    • Telegram is a popular messaging app in the blockchain ecosystem, and it’s especially useful for sending short messages and announcements, as well as rapid conversations.
    • Twitter: One of the more general channels, Twitter is useful for making news, generating excitement, and having brief interactions with community members.
    • Reddit: Creating a subreddit for your project allows you to have lengthier conversations and reach a larger audience.

    Generating a buzz

    Rewarding early supporters is a terrific way to generate interest in your project. This also helps to create community trust by allowing you to provide value upfront. People that arrive early can be rewarded with badges or NFTs. Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP), which are unique NFT badges on the xDai sidechain, is one of the finest ways to do this.

    For example, you may provide POAP badges to the first 500 Twitter followers or Discord members, or reward them to Discord community meeting attendees. Other ways to generate buzz include leveraging your channels to advertise new features, prizes, airdrops, and time-limited events such as Discord or Clubhouse meets.

    Engage with your community

    It’s pointless to set up all of these social media channels if you’re not going to communicate with your community members.

    If you’re handling your own social media, you’ll need to set up at least twenty minutes every day to reply to queries and comments. Most likely, you’ll need a community manager who can communicate with the public and take on a public role. In order to answer any specific issues that arise, whoever manages your community must be well-versed in the product.

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