Intel set to launch Blockchain chips, larger opportunities for NFT miners.

    Intel Corporation, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is an American multinational organization. Intel’s cloud computing, data center, Internet of Things, and PC products have provided the general public with solutions and services to live in a clever and connected digital world.

    The tech giant enjoys a large userbase and is a trusted brand in many countries. Intel Labs has spent decades studying secure cryptography, hashing algorithms, and ultra-low voltage circuits. With a roadmap of energy-efficient accelerators, Intel has stated its intention to contribute to the development of blockchain technologies in an article they published on their website.

    This means that Intel will participate in and promote an open and secure blockchain ecosystem and assist in the responsible and long-term advancement of this technology.

    Intel’s Blockchain Accelarator.

    As we know, some blockchains necessitate a significant amount of computer power, which, regrettably, equates to a substantial quantity of energy. Intel claimed that their customers demand scalable and long-term solutions; therefore, their team is concentrating its efforts on unlocking the full potential of blockchain by scaling up the most energy-efficient processing technology.

    Later this year, the company plans to introduce a blockchain accelerator for this purpose. Customers that share the company’s sustainability ideals will be directly involved with them.

    Their first customers for this future solution are Argo Blockchain, BLOCK (previously known as Square), and GRIID Infrastructure. Their architecture will be constructed on a little piece of silicon to have the least amount of impact on the existing product supply.

    The New Custom Compute Group.

    Raja M. Koduri, the senior vice president of Intel’s architecture, graphics and software division, put forward the company’s plan in a public article on the official website. The release comes as the era of Metaverse and Web 3.0 befalls us. 

    For SHA-256 based mining, Intel expects their circuit advancements to produce a blockchain accelerator with over 1000x more excellent performance per watt than standard GPUs. This month, at the International Solid-State Circuit Conference (ISSCC), the public will be able to learn more about their circuit advancements.

    The company has created the new Custom Compute Group within Intel’s Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics business line to support this and other upcoming technology. The team’s goal is to create unique silicon platforms optimized for client workloads, such as blockchain and other specialized accelerated supercomputing opportunities at the edge.

    Moving forward, they hope to use technology developed as part of their zetta-scale computing program to create energy-efficient solutions that are expected to make tomorrow better than today.

    What this means for the users.

    The general public always benefits from advancements in technologies and periodical entrance of new concepts. The new blockchain chip will enable users with NFT mining and any other blockchain or cryptocurrency-based activity.

    Currently, the computers available in the market are not specifically made for such purposes. Hence, the blockchain chip will come with high computing power and technologies that are needed by the customers.

    The launch date is yet to be announced, but the dispatch of the first slot is expected around the year-end. The prices, too, are yet to be disclosed. So, the interested people should keep an eye on the pre-booking and put their purchases on hold if they want a dedicated blockchain chip in their laptops and computers.

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