Johnny Depp NFTs “Never Fear Truth”

    Johnny Depp’s NFT collection?

    Never Fear Truth, a collection of 11,111 NFT portraits by Johnny Depp, will be released. In an emotional conversation, the award-winning actor explained his appreciation of art and the significance of his collection. Portraits of his friends and heroes will be featured in the Johnny Depp NFTs, each reflecting their character and how they have inspired him. He’s also included a portrait of himself, his dog, and a character based on a dream his kid had.

    In the first public showing of his work, the Golden Globe winner mixes ‘Pop Art’ and ‘Street Art.’ Even before his immense success in acting and music, art has always been a vital outlet for his creativity. The film will be released in May 2022.

    Never Fear Truth

    Any Johnny Depp NFTs will give you access to a cutting-edge community where you may collaborate on creative projects. The Discord channel is currently open to anyone, and participants can already connect with like-minded creatives there. Once the NFTs are published, only NFT holders will be able to enter the Discord.


    Ownership of the tangible art piece, printed on Somerset 410gsm Satin paper with professional acrylic inks, is an added benefit. Each NFT number will be engraved, as well as Johnny Depp’s official art certification. The image will be 500mmX500mm and the paper will be 600mmX600mm. These holders will also have priority access to rare Johnny Depp NFTs in the future.

    Ideas in future

    At the time, there is no clear roadmap for this project. Metaverse collaborations, in-person events, and the NFT’s potential to drive art, music, and film initiatives can be included in the future of the project. Even in the brand-new NFT environment, no one would be concerned about Johnny Depp’s originality.

    “Human” first, “Artist” later

    Johnny has always been interested in charitable organizations and has always given back to the community. A quarter of the proceeds from Never Fear Truth will go to these causes.

    The Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation, Perth Children’s Hospital, and The Gonzo Trust are among the charities that will profit from the NFT sale so far. They also have ambitions to offset the carbon emissions that Ethereum’s proof of work consensus process causes.

    Distribution of “Never Fear Truth” NFT

    The team will distribute its NFTs through a fair raffle. Before the unsold NFTs are put up for public sale, a maximum of three raffles will be held. Following that, the chosen participants will receive a randomly produced artwork that will be shown only after the final auction.

    Only 10,000 NFTs will be offered during the May sale, despite the fact that there are 11,111 available. The Never Fear Truth team will be given 1,111 pieces. These 1,111 pieces will be locked for three months after their release, with 25% unlocked each month after that. This allows the team to operate in a neutral manner.

    Depp has to say

    “I’ve always used art to communicate my sentiments and to focus on those who mean most to me, especially my family, friends, and people I admire,” Depp said in a statement. “My paintings are everywhere around me, yet I keep them to myself and keep them confined. No one should ever set boundaries for oneself.  As a result, we’ve chosen to issue a series of photos, but in a way that gives back. It’s a great privilege to be able to thank my fans and assist the charities that have meant so much to my family. I’m hoping we can form a new friendship group around these NFTs. My participation in the NFT space is only getting started.”

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