Know everything about Fevocious and his NFT arts.

    Who is Fewocious?

    Fewocious, an 18-year-old painter popularly known as “Fewo” by admirers, has emerged as one of the hottest young stars of a new digital art trend propelled by NFT innovation.

    Fewocious sold almost $4 million worth of NFTs on major platform Nifty Gateway in the same month, with two drops—one in conjunction with musician Two Feet and the other in a sneaker collaboration with RTFKT Studios that included physical shoes for buyers of their digital counterparts.

    Such numbers continue to astound the young artist, who has persevered despite a turbulent childhood. Fewocious grew up in Las Vegas and moved away from a violent family when he was 12 years old, finally moving up with his grandparents, who were not supportive of his artistic pursuits.

    Fewocious for Beeple

    NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are built on the same blockchain technology that powers popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum. They allow artists and collectors to prove and monitor ownership of unique digital assets in ways that weren’t possible before. As a result, a thriving market has emerged at the cutting edge of the art world. Christie’s was the first major auction house to announce the sale of wholly digital artwork by well-known crypto artist Beeple last month.

    His passion for art

    Fewocious had no choice but to immerse themself into his profession and hone his creative process as the new kid at school without a cellphone. “I’d bring a piece of paper to lunch and draw the entire time to avoid having to make eye contact.” As a child, he dreamed of writing a movie, therefore he began composing screenplays for the artistic works he imagined.

    “I like to write what it would look like if it were a movie scene before I make an artwork,” he explains. “So, I’ve compiled all of this gibberish into a Google Doc… Even if it’s just motionless, I’m thinking about the conversation, where they’re standing, what the camera would be doing, and so on.”

    The beginning

    He was ecstatic to sell his first artwork for $90 to a New York art buyer who introduced him to the burgeoning NFT community in March 2020.

    “There was a shift in my personality after the artwork sold, when I was like, ‘Oh, you can just be yourself?'” he adds. “I drove myself insane by attempting to sketch as quickly as possible while not truly understanding my emotions.” “It was basically a question of ‘How can I make enough money to move out?'”

    Entering into NFTs

    Fewocious started selling one-of-a-kind digital art pieces on SuperRare, another famous NFT platform and quickly found himself averaging 5 ether ($7,320) every sale. When Two Feet’s management approached him about a possible partnership, he mistook it for a ruse.

    He laughs as he recalls, “I ignored it for a day and finally replied.” “I called him up and we were basically bouncing ideas off each other.” ‘You send me what’s on your heart, and I’ll do what’s on my heart, and we’ll make it work,’ I said. That’s exactly what we did.”

    Dream come true

    Fewocious has completed his aim to move out of his grandparents’ house as an emerging star with financial freedom and a slew of impending ventures. As he gushes about his new quarters in Seattle, he sounds every bit his tender age.

    “It’s turned into an art studio with a bedroom in my house.” It’s fantastic to be able to listen to music as loud as I want and do whatever I want.”

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