Lamborghini releases its first NFTs collection.

    NFT sales have seen a sudden rise in the last two years. In 2021, its total trade volume was $25 Billion, and this year is expected to go up to $40 Billion. This is happening because people have realized that NFTs are the future. They will stay here for a more extended period, and that’s why more people are investing in this space. Due to many people investing in this space, many renowned companies are entering this space to keep pace with the world.

    Recently, Lamborghini has also jumped into this space. They have released their NFT next month. Lamborghini, a renowned Italian automaker of the world who is also shifting its cars to electric and hybrid sports cars, has announced that they will auction off a collection of NFTs, which is produced with the collaboration of NFT Pro, Swiss artist Fabian Opener and Sotheby. 

    Lambhorgini’s NFTs

    Famous artist Fabian Opener has designed Lamborghini NFT. Its image depicts a Lamborghini breaking down into its core components as its rockets through the inky blackness of space. Lamborghini has fully embraced the astronomical theme for its NFT. According to an official statement by Lambhorighini, “Opener at the start of the project studied the engineering plans and created an accurate sketch of the final photograph of the model. It took Opener and the team more than two months to create a very much shorter moment. Based on the sketch made by Opener, Lamborghini prepared all the necessary components and parts of the production. They have also planned to sell a set of carbon fiber “space keys,” which the company sent to the International Space Station in 2020, as part of a joint research project. 

    CEO of Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann, said that the NFT community is a very young, innovation-oriented crowd. He said that the company is decided to take the risk of creating their own NFTs when they have noticed several knock-offs NFT which is claiming their official Lamghorghini items. He said that this is also the test for the company whether there is any financial opportunity in NFTs and other digital assets. However, he also reported the scams happening in the NFT space. He said they are extra careful in entering this space to maintain its brand integrity. He also added that Lamborghini is not planning to accept cryptocurrency for its vehicles. They are very conservative in this and will not change their way of payment in the upcoming future. They have also unveiled their electrification plans which will proceed in two phases in the next decade. They are also planning to roll out a gas-electric hybrid version of their entire lineup.

    It would be interesting to see how Lamborghini will integrate into this NFT space. Many renowned companies are planning to introduce this space, which means they will have tough competition. Also, whether people will have the same trust in this new company venture arises. Let’s see what the future holds for this company in the NFT space. Do let us know in the comments what is your take on whether this new venture of Lamborghini is going to be successful or not.    

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