Logan Paul on his dislike for NFTs

    It seems like the Non-fungible tokens that have grabbed the interest of many cannot knock out the former boxer Logan Paul.

    The American YouTuber and podcaster often run promotional events and collaborations, but things took a different term this time.

    Logan Paul & KSI’s promotional event.

    The former boxer reunited with British YouTuber and former rival KSI to promote their newly launched drink- ‘Prime Hydration’.

    A week ago, both of them dressed up as salesmen at Walmart in a unique sales strategy and went around trying to convince customers to buy their drinks.

    Unfortunately for the two, the plan failed, and they had to finally set up a free drink stall where they distributed sample drinks to the potential customers.

    Needless to say, a huge crowd turned up and their stall emptied quickly.

    Logan Paul rebuffs a fan

    While the duo was selling their drinks, they were approached by a rather enthusiastic fan.

    The guy walked up to Paul and offered to put him into an NFT real quick. To this, Paul got irritated and at once said, “No leave” and added “Get out of here.” KSI burst out laughing and looking at him, so did Paul.

    Their reactions and the entire conservation can be seen in the YouTube video that Paul posted and the snippets he shared on Twitter stating, “Don’t talk to me about NFTs.”

    Interesting news about NFTs around the world:

    • In a rather pleasing turn of events, a twenty two years old Indonesain student, Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, became a millionare after selling his selfies as NFTs.

    Ghozali used to take selfies everyday and kept doing this for five years. They were all taken with him sitting in front of his computer and in only one expressionless posture.

    Little did he know, that his determination and efforts will result in a cult, with people buying his NFTs and printing his selfies on their shirts!

    • Pop culture icon Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT collection- CryptoBatz  made collectors lose thousands of dollars!

    Days after CryptoBatz went live, users took to Twitter to complain of a potential phishing scam by the artist. But what actually happened has to do with the change in URL that redirected interested buyers onto the purchase page and it had received a series of incoming transactions totaling 14.6 ETH ($40,895) on January 20.

    Since many users bought NFTs from the expired URL, they got fakes instead of the real NFT. While the malicious link has now been removed, it is reported that atleast 1,330 people have visited the fake NFT project.

    • In an upsetting series of events, a French surgeon tried to sell Bataclan victim’s X-Ray As NFT. The NFT was on sale for around 2,776 dollars (2,446 euros) on the OpenSea website.

    The victim was shot during the 2015 attack on the Bataclan music hall in Paris. Orthopedic surgeon Emmanuel Masmejean, posted a picture showing the victim’s forearm containing a Kalashnikov bullet.

    Strict actions have been taken against the senior surgeon, who now regrets his actions. and states them as “an error”.

    • A few weeks ago, actor Todd Kramer got into a terrible phishing scam which costed him nearly 2.28 million dollars. His collection of sixteen Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs was apparently stolen.

    I been hacked, all my apes gone.”, he tweeted.

    He claimed that this incident took place when he clicked on a link that lead to NFT de-app (decentralised application). But to his misfortune, it was not genuine but a phishing attack instead.

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