Luxury sports car brand Lamborghini releases its first NFT and people are loving it!

    In a historical move, Lamborghini announced its first NFT project on Jan 27th, 2022. The luxury brand collaborated with the Swiss artist Fabian Oefner, renowned for fusing the fields of arts and science in beautiful artworks.

    In a bid to embrace the space theme, Fabian depicts a Lamborghini breaking down into its mechanical components as it dives into the darkness of space.

    What you need to know about the NFT launched.

    Commenting on their NFT set, called “Space Time Memory,” Lamborghini explained that the art pieces are made of two components- physical and NFT.

    The physical element is called “The Space Key,” a piece of carbon fiber sent to Outer Space by Lamborghini.
    The Space Key has a unique QR Code that links to the NFT component, which comprises of a photo of  Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae, lifting off towards the stars.

    There are Five Space Keys, each linking to a unique picture of Aventor Ultimae when you scan the QR code engraved on them. Instead of selling the Space Keys, they will be auctioned, and the highest bidder (the winner) will take the NFT home.

    The art pieces will be auctioned on Feb 1st, 2022, at 4 pm CET (Rome) and ends at 7:50 pm. The starting bid is kept as 100 US dollars. To participate in the auctions, the enthusiasts have to register themselves on the official site of Lamborghini, where a link is provided to them.

    Details to look out for in Space Time Memory.

    When it comes to luxuries, Lamborghini goes all out- just like they did for the digital artworks. At first glance, one may think that the pictures are computer-generated but, the elements are all taken from the real world.

    Fabian put his heart and soul into creating this amazingly detailed masterpiece capturing 1500 individual core parts of an actual car! The stunning curvature of Earth is also an original. It is taken by a weather balloon that was equipped with a camera and sent to the edge of the stratosphere.

    The whole picture was carefully put together by creating an artificial moment in time. With more than 600 Million pixels in each art piece, the more you zoom in, the more the hidden details reveal themselves.

    The enormous resolution lets you read the markings of the V12 engine to the tiniest details of the milling patterns on cogwheels!

    How the collection was made.

    In 2020, Lamborghini sent a piece of carbon fiber to the International Space Station (ISS). It was a part of a research project and was subjected to various tests for a duration of seven months. After the fiber was checked for its durability and strength to endure the most extreme conditions known to humans, the piece was sent back to the automobile maker.

    Fabian Oefner then meticulously engraved the precious elements with a QR code linked to their respective photographs. The piece of carbon fiber was then encapsulated into a custom-made, impact-resistant aluminum case.

    Stephan Winkelmann, the CEO of Lamborghini, decided to take this step after noticing several fake Lambo NFTs making rounds on the internet. “It is a matter of engaging with the community and protecting the brand from falsehood,” he stated in an interview with The Verge.

    Winkelmann also made it clear that the company will not accept bitcoin or any cryptocurrency as payment, stating that the company is conservative and not interested in changing the mode of payment.

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