Mumbai’s Tao Art Gallery to launch its first-ever NFT-showcase

    About Tao Art Gallery.

    The Tao Art Gallery is a well-known brand in the Mumbai art scene, having been founded in the year 2000. It has witnessed the highs and lows of the art market, guided by Kalpana Shah, a connoisseur, and self-taught artist. Tao had seen several tides of change, from the early 2000s when the gallery’s walls were adorned with the works of Indian masters like Hussain, Raza, and Tyeb Mehta.

    In its two exhibition galleries, Tao has staged shows that emphasize a variety of creative disciplines such as painting, photography, sculpture, installation arts, etc. The gallery has evolved in its decades’ worth of experience. It has also been involved in the publication of various art books as well as the organization of art education workshops and other knowledge-based lectures with the goal of spreading art appreciation and increasing the visibility of Indian art in the global arena.

    NFT Showcase.

    Budding artist Viraj Khanna will open the gallery’s inaugural NFT exhibition. What My Mother Didn’t Teach Me… & Some Things She Did! is a mixed media series by the artist. In his debut exhibition, Tao’s first-ever NFT show explores the issue of nature vs. nurture.

    Viraj put the pieces together utilizing varied elements from various periodicals, encyclopedias, and other books to give it a structure, with the fundamental base being a paper collage. Different trees, sections of people’s bodies, and various accessories/shapes could all be pictorial elements.

    What My Mother Didn’t Teach Me… & Some Things She Did!

    The exhibition’s preview will be open by February 25, from 6:30 to 9 p.m., and the show will go on till April 2022. The show was on display as part of the Mumbai Gallery Weekend from January 13 to 16, 2022.

    This show is based on the idea of society’s impact on individuals. According to Viraj, humans, as social animals, have a tendency to follow a set of rules. They follow a socially acceptable manner of behaving, dressing, and so on, and as a result, there are many layers to persons. So in his artwork, he depicts the various layers that we have as individuals living in a society.

    Take on NFTs and the art pieces.

    The artist’s take on NFTs is quoted on the base of market’s prediction that in a few years, we will see digital recreations of ourselves living in the metaverse, just as we do in the actual world. He says that “The NFTs available now could be significant collectables or assets owned by people on the metaverse!”

    Sanjana Shah, Independent Curator and Creative Director of the Tao Art Gallery, remarked on the upcoming show that he was bewitched by Viraj’s work and “how evocative each piece was.”

    He also commented on how the shapes, forms, and colors stood out sharply at first but eventually melded together in a stunningly beautiful way. The mediums and procedures that the artist experiments with demonstrating and characterize the various thematic layers humans have in society.

    The Tao Art Gallery is particularly receptive to all forms of artistic expression. It focuses on the powerful and original display of artistic skill, creating a thought-provoking experience for all visitors and fostering conversation on culture, aesthetics, and visual arts tradition. Tao’s macro-vision sees art as having a holistic relationship with life itself rather than being separate from it.

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