NFL Rivals game will let players be their team’s GM

    While we don’t know what 2K will do with its “non-simulation” NFL license (their arcade-style game has been delayed and won’t be launched this year), the league has announced a deal to develop NFL Rivals the league’s first blockchain game. It’s difficult to say what the game will be like, but here’s a description:

    This entertaining, simple game will allow NFL fans and gamers to compete against other GMs with their created player rosters and teams, constructing, leveling up, and strengthening their line-up. In addition, through this play-and-own game experience, fans will be able to own, collect, and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of their favorite players.

    NFL Rivals announcing Rarity League drops

    Although there are no screenshots or a trailer yet, NFL Rivals has already announced: “Rarity League” drops, which will consist of 32 collections of “unique generative 3D NFL franchise-themed NFTs” that will be released before the game’s release.

    It appears to be destined to fall somewhere between being a Football Manager for North American football fans and regular fantasy football, presumably without infringing on the Madden franchise’s Ultimate Team modes, which already allow people to build rosters, and earn rewards, and improve their line-up. NFL Rivals will premiere in early 2023 on the web and mobile web and, like any Web3 project, will have a Discord for users to remain informed, whether those updates come from the team or phishing attackers.

    “We can’t wait to bring these concepts to NFL Rivals to evolve the team management genre by adding the advantages of play-and-own games, offering the community new ways to engage with their favorite teams and players both in and outside of this virtual world,” Mythical Games chief creative officer Jamie Jackson says in a press release.

    NFL Rivals using a custodial wallet

    The business claims that employing a custodial wallet “protects” gamers who are new to the blockchain. This means that you don’t have to learn the subtleties of the blockchain to play. Many Web3 fans, on the other hand, say that if you don’t own the keys to your wallet, you don’t truly own what’s inside. “Experienced” players can link their current wallets. Still, as we saw with the NFT game Axie Infinity, which was hacked for over $600 million and no one spotted for about a week, bridges can add another possible point of failure for security.

    “With the rise of blockchain technology, we are thrilled to partner with Mythical Games on a blockchain-enabled game that delivers new play-to-own NFT capabilities, creating a new adventure for fans who love to play football games,” said NFL senior vice president of consumer products Joe Ruggiero in a statement released today. The NFL’s investigation of new gaming formats that can give an unrivaled experience to fans has quickened as interest in NFTs, and video gaming among current and prospective fans continues to surge.

    NFT games with a bad rep from players

    Promises of digital ownership and exclusive releases before we see a single second of gameplay footage assist in highlighting some of the reasons why NFTs have gotten such a bad rap from players. Madden games and fantasy football are popular among football lovers because they provide social opportunities for them to enjoy their favorite sport with their friends. It’s unclear how that might operate on this platform outside of the temptation of ownership, which sounds like an offer to become an entrepreneur by selling knives, leggings, or prepaid legal insurance. There’s no game yet, just excitement and a few of JPGs, but the NFL and its crypto-invested partners are ready for you to get involved.

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