NFT Influencer Ashni canceled for her past racist tweets.

    NFT has been the talk of the town since the last year. As the space is getting bigger every day, much news related to it is coming every day also. Most of the information is positive, which helps this NFT space grow. But some news is also bad which affect also.

    Racism is not a new topic for anyone. Almost everybody in the world knows about racism. They are everywhere. There have been many struggles in the past because of this, and these struggles will continue in the future until racism ends appropriately. However, it has got into the NFT space.

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    Recently, NFT Influencer Ashni hosted a Twitter space named “A warning to all Web3”. In this one user showcase photo of her old racist tweet, he wrote, ‘Don’t grandstand and speak for people of color when you don’t even bother covering your tracks.’ This photo of her went viral because @mecdot, an NFT educator and Influencer, also shared this on his profile.

    This led to Ashni receiving the full wrath of people from Twitter over her derogatory and racist remarks. Screenshots of her tweets were shared many times in which she has repeatedly used the N-word. After twenty hours, Ashni realized that this controversy was becoming prominent, and hence she tried to stop it. She tweeted an apology and explained her past photo to her 28,500 followers. She wrote, “I tweeted some unacceptable and derogatory comments in my past, and I’m deeply ashamed. I apologize for the hurt and harm I cause and am stepping down from the role at @SuperRare to reflect and learn from my mistakes”. One who doesn’t know about SuperRare is a marketplace used to buy and sell NFTs, and it is based on the Ethereum blockchain network. It has introduced a new token which is known as SuperRare tokens.

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    However, her apology created another controversy that many users don’t accept. @majatek called her out, saying that she works so that she detaches the context of her actions to make it look like she is less guilty. He also further added that she made it look like she has resigned, but the truth is SuperRare has fired her from her role due to her controversy. SuperRare has issued the statement that they clearly state that they have a zero-tolerance policy for any condemn racist, derogatory and hateful speech. That’s why they have decided to part ways with Ashni, and she will no longer be with the SuperRare platform.

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    On the other hand, some users support Ashni as well. They said that it is not a big deal and that this controversy is not as considerable as excitement. In support of Ashni, one user wrote that she only tweeted lyrics from Drake and Tyga songs, which everyone tweeted in 2011. He also noted that we all loved that song at that time, YoYo.

    However, it is essential to note that the NFT community recently canceled ENS Director of Operation at Ethereum Service, Brantly Millegan, over his comment on homosexuality and abortion. The only difference between them is that Ashni regrets her actions, but Brantly stills hold his actions. I hope he will also change his belief in the future.

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