NFT Marketplace development companies that you should know about.

    With the craze of Non-fungible tokens increasing day by day, there are new players setting foot in the NFT Marketplace. A community dedicated to a specific type of NFT or a brand looking to launch its private NFTs usually build their own marketplaces.

    This can provide exclusive ownerships to only those users who are investing through the particular firm’s platform. But not all app developers can be recommended to construct a marketplace, so we have compiled a list of all the Marketplace development and service providers that will help you in your journey.

    What are NFT standards and why you need to learn about them.

    You must know about the common standards of Non-fungible tokens before creating your marketplace. This knowledge is crucial for your business since these standards will give direction to how the NFTs on your platform will behave and interact as digital assets.

    There are two common standards that one must know about:
    1. ERC*721
    This is a free, open standard used to represent the ownership of an NFT, i.e., making it “unique.” In simple words, it states how to build a non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain- as sourced by the official erc721 site.
    ERC721 defines the minimum interface that must be implemented by a smart contract so as to allow NFTs management, ownership, and trade.
    It is more complex than ERC720 (not used as widely) and does not impose restrictions on supplement functions.

    2. ERC1155
    Ir is a multi-token standard that can represent and manage any number of fungible or non-fungible token types. It is a better, more efficient, and less erred version of ERC720 and ERC721 and can perform the functions of both these standards.
    Its features include Batch Transfer, Batch Balance, Batch Approval, NFT support, and high security via Safe Transfer Rules.
    *(ERC stands for “Ethereum Request for Comments.”)

    List of the companies providing Marketplace development services:

    • Hyperlink Info System.
      Based in India, this company rose to popularity after developing multiple successful NFT Marketplaces. It provides efficient blockchain solutions industries and now has bases in USA, UAE, Canada & UK.
      With expertise in AI, AR/VR, Big Data, IoT, CRM and Blockchain, Hyperlink has emerged as one of the top web and mobile development company.
    • Interexy.
      This US based app development company provides solutions for NFT Market. They extend their services to all sectors of the digital asset, ranging from sports, music to real estate and more.
      Interexy is known for being technology efficient, experienced and secure when it comes to NFT development services.
    • BlockChain Apps Developer.
      Blockchain Software Development Company, uses high security blockchain software solutions. They provide multitude of options in NFT development services, including the platforms for NFT trade and exchange.
      Their clients can select from a range of features- from external wallet integrations to desired platform customizations.
    • Infosys.
      Infosys Limited is a leading multinational company, excelling in Metaverse development, web and app development and AR/ VR(Artificial reality/ Virtual reality) soltuions.
      Known for its business consulting, technology solutions and web app solutions, Infosys is actively looking into NFT development sector and is a promising company for NFT Marketplace services.
    • Antier Solutions.
      Offering premium services like white label cryptocurrency exchange, STO, ICO, Wallet & P2P exchange development, Antier Solutions provides blockchain solutions and NFT Marketplace development solutions to its clients.

    In conclusion, with significant demand for NFT developers comes a massive question of where to find trusted developers. This list curates the top few, mentioning their features and services they provide- now may the force be with you!

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