Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Beginners Guide

    Gravity Game Link (GGL), a subsidiary of Gravity Indonesia, developed Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT, a role-playing game. This game combines elements of Ragnarok Online and NFT. Furthermore, this game may be played automatically, so you won’t have to worry about manually raising the level. We maintain the world’s equilibrium here. We’ll give you an overview of the Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT game, a beginner’s guide, and some basic advice to help keep the universe in balance.

    This game will take you to numerous dungeons filled with creatures that we must meet and defeat in order to raise our Job level. You will then be taken to a maze where you must locate money in order to face the boss in the labyrinth. You can also compete against other players in PVP.

    Raid the Labyrinth and clear it.

    In this game, you must complete raids in various dungeons, including various enemies and bosses, with the goal of increasing your basic level. You must also visit the labyrinth, which stretches across 12 islands, and fulfill each challenge.

    Choose a Career

    When playing this game, you will be given the option of choosing one of four jobs: swordsman, wizard, thief, or archer. Because the jobs here have different distinctiveness, skills, and gameplay, you must choose based on your gameplay or how you will play later. Furthermore, if you choose the first job, you will have to change jobs later.

    Enhance what can be enhanced

    There are numerous things you may improve in this game, such as raising your hero stats so that you can always beat bosses, MVP, or PVP. Increase your gear, for example, because there are many items that can be improved in this gear, notably, there are 6 gears used by your heroes, such as weapons and armor, and there are now quite a few armor options, such as armor, helmet, manteau, necklace, and rings.

    PVP Companions

    A companion is incredibly useful in this game for beating other players because it can assist you in attacking other players. To use a companion, you must first have one, which you can get for free every day in the box section of the shop; however, because this free companion usually has a small star, getting a 3-star companion is quite difficult; if you want one, you can buy it through a rare companion box with a higher percentage of getting a high-star companion.

    Take note of the buffs

    Buffs are items that boost your stats for a set period of time. The buff can be used in Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT through a variety of consumables gained from raid outcomes, boss defeats, MVP, awards, and other sources. This consumable can boost your character’s numbers, such as maximum HP, attack speed, and even all stats, allowing you to quickly fight monsters, MVPs, and dungeon bosses.

    Finish all your quests

    When you are confused while playing this Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT game, you can follow the quest provided by the developer, since following the quest will indirectly teach you what to do while playing this game, because Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT is a game where you must solve puzzles. There are a lot of elements to discover, especially when you reach a high-level position, and there will be a lot of things to do, but this game is rather simple to play for beginners.

    Final thoughts

    This Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT game is heavily reliant on your base and job levels, gear, and companion or service in order to overcome the adversary without difficulty. Furthermore, when performing service, you can mix several occupations because a well-balanced work will allow you to identify the best raid combination.

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