Saudi Princess the first exhibition of Saudi NFTs.

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique, non-interchangeable digital assets stored using blockchain technology. Some NFTs represent class or status in society,, while some are used to brag or express a collector’s love.

    When it comes to high society, Saudi Arabia is among the top. So it is no surprise that the Middle Eastern country is venturing into NFTs and Metaverse.

    The country’s princess, Reem Al Faisal, also known as Reem bint Mohammed Al Saud is the one to launch the first NFT exhibition in Saudi Arabia.

    Reem Al Faisal, the photography-loving Saudi Arabian princess.

    Known for her beautiful artworks and author of several photography books, the Saudi princess is highly revered in the field of photography. She pursued her education from SPEOS Paris, in the field of photography.

    She owns ‘The Empty Quarter’– a prestigious art gallery in Dubai, and has held exhibitions in the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Spain, France, and other countries.

    Mekkah and Medina NFT Collection.

    The holy Al Kabbah shrine in Saudi Arabia is beautifully captured in the princess’ NFT collection named “Mekkah and Medina”. The artworks of six other Saudi artists are also displayed in a metaverse exhibition gallery, reportedly a first in Saudi Arabia.
    The six artists are – Nora AlHathloul, Mariam Al Atik, Shahd Al Ghaith, Noaf Al Omeira, Asmaa Al Khofi, and Trafa Al Khoder.

    In a statement released by the princess, she expressed her work as a form of prayer and spoke of her Islamic art’s origins that are inspired by her background. ” I deal with my photographs to show the manifestations of the Divine in nature and man and the relationship of man with his Creator. Traveling is a very important element in my work.” she stated. She mentioned that her work, like any other artist’s, is a form of expression of what is sacred to the artist’s heart.

    She believes that her camera and photographs capture the hidden side of who she is. Additionally, she mentioned that she has been taking photographs since she was a small child. As a result, it’s as pure to her as speaking or breathing.

    She made the launch official by a post on her official Instagram handle.

    What to expect-

    Like many other digital art pieces and photographs, the Mekkah and Medina NFT collection will also be available at OpenSea platform. The pieces will also be put on display in the Metaverse art gallery.

    Interested buyers are warned to not buy the fake copies or other NFTs that go by a similar name or origin. Before buying a non-fungible digital collectible, it is always advised to look into the previous ownerships and the transaction records. Additionally, only buy the NFTs from the original creator and not a “dealer” who does not possess the ownership records or documents. These could be a phishing scam or a rug pull scam that may become a huge loss for the investor.

    It is wonderful to see people from different parts of the world and from diverse cultures, religions and backgrounds forray into the world of NFTs and Metaverse. This would give creators and artists an opportunity to a deserved recognition and living.

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