Singing icon John Legend launches OurSong – it is not an album cover, but an NFT art platform.

    If you have not been living under a rock, then the chances are that you’ve listened to John legend’s All of me and have loved every second of the 5 minutes 8 seconds long song. It is beautiful, and so is the song’s creator.

    John Roger Stephens, professionally known as John Legend, wanted to target artists stuck in one place and help them move forward. This was the motivation behind his NFT venture.

    He launched a new non-fungible token (NFT) platform called ‘OurSong’ to assist both established and up-and-coming entertainers in obtaining finance via non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

    NFTs are digital collectibles or digital assets supported by the blockchain and are inspired by various items such as songs, videos, and artwork, among other things. Artists from all over the world, from American rapper Snoop Dogg to Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan, have jumped into the NFT industry in order to reach a larger audience.

    Legend cooperated on this NFT platform with Chris Lin, the CEO of Taiwanese music service firm KKBOX. Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch, and Matt Cheng, a venture financier, have both joined the initiative.

    What makes the platform unique and better than the other art specific NFT Marketplaces.

    Chris Lin, the company’s CEO, has a vision for their growth. He has prioritized ease of access to the users, and this includes the ease of using their money.

    The biggest problem with most NFT Marketplaces is that they only allow transactions via cryptocurrencies. Well, OurSong certainly plays to the audience’s favor- the platform is built such that the users do not require a crypto wallet for their transactions or bidding.

    The platform has NFTs in the form of trading cards, much like the popular Gods Unchained platform but the working and concept is quite different. These trading cards are called “Vibes“.

    What needs to be done to buy NFT trading cards on OurSong marketplace?

    The platform uses its own cryptocurrency called OurSongDollars (OSD) which can be purchased via real money. This means that you can buy OSD using your credit card, debit card, a wired payment or even a USD coin from your wallet on Circle’s blockchain.

    All the trading card holders will have exclusive rights to private chat communities and unreleased music or latest updates.

    The platform invites art in all form for tokenization. It states that anyone can “turn their music, photographs, videos or even stories into NFT trading cards- Vibes”.

    What more to expect from the NFT.

    While this is not Legend’s first NFT venture, he will act as the Chief Impact Officer for the platform. This means that he will be tasked with attracting the artists, buyers and investors to the platform and will also market OurSong such that the gap between the audience and the artists lessens.
    Well, considering his huge fan base in Instagram and Twitter, it certainly will not be difficult for the singer to ramp up the platform’s appearance and usability quickly.

    As for the interested buyer and onlookers, they can head towards website and start their collection right now. What’s more is that the website can not only accessed via your desktop, but it is also available for download in Apple Store and Google Play Store.

    The ease of user access, concentrated art content, and availability of the OurSong platform may just be the winning points for its future growth and popularity.

    So, are we ready to give ‘all of us’ and Vibe with the singer in OurSong community?

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