The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Founders identities revealed!

    If you are not living under a rock, then you must have heard about the Bored Ape Yacht Club or BYAC. The trendy NFT collection is the craze among celebrities, Twitter users, and NFT collectors. The collection is an expensive status symbol and has even branched to “Mutant Ape Yacht Club” because of its massive following and demand.

    The founders or creators of the BYAC kept themselves hidden, and until recently, no one knew anything about them. But this changed when BuzzFeed News ‘resourceful Katie Notopoulos searched hard and finally doxxed the identity of the owners.

    Following the dox, the creators took to Twitter and revealed their identities and, needless to say, sent everyone into a frenzy.

    Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Eminem, Steve Aoki, Chainsmoker, Jimmy Fallon, and many more are a part of the Bored Ape Club. This created hype about the faces behind the super popular creations. Read below and judge for yourself. Are the creators anything like you imagined or not?

    The faces behind BAYC.

    Greg Solano, 32, and Wylie Aronow, 35, have been verified as the legitimate founders of Bored Ape Yacht Club, a popular non-fungible token (NFT) ape avatar collection site. BAYC, a popular collection of 10,000 unique bored apes made by Yuga Labs, has raked over $1 billion in total purchases.

    The discovery was made by BuzzFeed, which also reported that the founders used the aliases “Gordon Goner,” alias Greg Solano and “Gargamel” alias Wylie Aronow on social media. The trail that was caught may be due to an address. BAYC’s parent business, Yuga Labs, is based in Delaware. This address has been linked to Greg Solano, one of the company’s co-founders.

    The two friends’ relative obscurity confirms the NFT craze’s basic concept that anyone can develop — or at least have a hand in making, as BuzzFeed pointed out because these two were aided by several others who remain nameless.

    Yuga Labs CEO Nicole Muniz confirmed that Solano and Aronow were co-founders of the BAYC NFT project.

    Controversies and debates regarding the new revelations.

    The BAYC has had its fair share of controversies and serious allegations. From racist slang in the titles to underpaying their artist who made the actual artworks and even using Nazi symbols in some of their NFTs, the BAYC has often found itself under heat.

    This new revelation will also draw further attention to the initiative, as has already started debates in Social Media. A discussion about the ethics of identifying anonymous internet authors is already brewing.

    Aranow and Solano, on the one hand, have a right to privacy and appear to have gone to some lengths to disguise their identity. On the other hand, many have pointed out that they presumably gave up at least some of their right to privacy by running a hugely profitable internet business.
    This is to say that going anonymous while running a business that rakes in billions of US dollars is violating a customer’s right to know about the product and its seller or creator. It should be noticed that the starting price of a bored ape digital collectible is 52 Ethereum, or about $210,000.

    But, considering the list of celebrities and wealthy people willing to and have already paid thousands of dollars to purchase NFTs from the collection, no one had a problem with buying from anonymous sellers.

    Well, it is up to the buyer and the seller to determine the terms of purchase, so the debate may not ever end.

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