The Ukrainian Government has announced an Airdrop for crypto donors.

    Everyone in the world knows what is happening in the world right now. Russia has invaded a small country Ukraine. Almost all the democratic countries and their people oppose this attack on Russia. 

    They are helping Ukraine by different means. Some countries provide arms and ammunition, while others ban Russian companies or their products from collapsing the Russian economy. People are also helping them by donating money to Ukraine to buy ammunition and stop the Russian invasion. Due to this Russian invasion, several crypto community members have supported Ukraine. 

    The Ukrainian Government has announced that they will release an airdrop for people who have donated to their crypto fund. This is truly unexpected and big news, considering the tense situation in Ukraine. 

    Ukrainian Government Announcement

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    This unexpected statement was released last night. It was released on the official Twitter account of Ukraine. It stated, “airdrop is confirmed. Snapshot will be taken tomorrow, at 6 pm Kyiv time (UTC/GMT +2 hours), on March 3. Reward to follow!”

    This news is a surprise for everyone around the world. No one was expecting this news. Many people are asking about this news confirmation on Twitter on whether this news is trustworthy or not. Many people are also questioning what is coming in this airdrop. However, no one knows what is going to come in this airdrop. The airdrop will reward all those who have donated to Ukraine in BTC, ETH, NFT, or any cryptocurrencies.  

    Why this airdrop?

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    The Ukrainian Government gives no specific reason for this airdrop. But they have stated that this airdrop will be only available for those who have donated their crypto for Ukraine. This means they are thanking crypto community members who have helped them in their time of need. The Ukraine airdrop will be a reward for all donations. It doesn’t matter if it is small or big. 

    It was done because the crypto community has raised a whopping $22 Million in just a few days after the Ukraine Government announced that they would accept cryptocurrencies as donations. This move will also motivate other crypto members to help Ukraine in its tough times. It will act as a motivation for them. 

    The Crypto members happily accept this gesture. Some crypto members have decided that they will donate more to Ukraine. They believe that Ukraine is showing remarkable thanking gestures even in their tough times. There is significantly less country which shows this spirit. 

    Crypto community support to Ukraine.  

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    It should be noted that there has been a massive donation in the form of crypto for Ukraine. Some of the biggest cryptocurrencies and their communities have started their campaigns and committed a few funds from their side to support Ukraine. 

    DOT community has raised over $6 million alone in just the last few days. Founder of Tron and Vitalik Buterin and the creator of Ethereum, Justin Sun, has pledged millions for Ukraine. Several NFT collections are setting up different ways to raise funds for Ukraine. 

    Also, the crypto community is encouraging each other to buy NFT digital artwork from the Ukrainian artist who would somehow help the Ukrainian people. 

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