This 36-year-old went from living paycheck to paycheck to making over $109,000 selling NFTs

    Brittany Pierre earned almost $109,000 in 2021 by selling nonfungible tokens (NFTs) of her photos and flipping other NFTs she purchased.

    Pierre had previously struggled to pay rent, buy groceries, or pay bus fare in her Chicago apartment.

    Pierre, 36, describes her financial status as “touch and go.” She “became quite depressed” since she lived paycheck to paycheck. Pierre first learned about nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, in March. Elise Swopes, a friend, and fellow artist had just sold an NFT of her work for almost $17,600, and Pierre was inspired to try to do the same.

    Pierre began selling her first NFTs a month later and was soon selling pieces for a few hundred bucks each — far more than her real art brought in.

    How it started

    Pierre observed a few roadblocks when he first started learning about NFTs: Most of the main platforms required creators to apply or be invited before they could list their work. After that, creators must pay gas expenses in order to mint their NFTs, which can be costly.

    The process of minting an NFT is to represent the asset on the blockchain. It enables NFT owners to show ownership of the asset while also allowing them to sell it if they so desire. However, in order to mint an NFT, developers must pay a “gas tax,” which might cost hundreds of dollars during peak traffic times.

    “I want to encourage predominantly Black women and men” through her street style and portraiture photos, Pierre explains. “When you Google ‘beautiful person,’ you almost always see a white person.” As a result, I wanted to include Black individuals on the blockchain in order to strengthen this. I’d like to draw attention to the African-American experience.”

    Pierre’s first sales came after Weesh, a well-known NFT collector, discovered her work on Twitter. “I went all-in after that,” she says. She had found a new day job, but she opted to quit and devote her time to NFTs full-time, according to her.

    How it’s going

    Pierre has been able to pamper herself in addition to the necessary. She claims to have purchased additional film photographic equipment and to occasionally splurge on Nikes. Pierre has also been putting money aside to purchase a Tesla and a home of her own.

    Her “quality of life” has increased overall, she claims. She’s also capable of assisting others. Pierre can buy something for her mother, sister, niece, or nephew if they require it. She also donates to causes that she is enthusiastic about, according to her. Pierre also prioritizes giving back to the NFT community, according to her, by onboarding new women, asking them to Foundation, and paying their gas expenses.

    NFTs can help marginalized people.

    Pierre sees bitcoin and NFTs as a means of accumulating generational wealth since they allow her to invest and earn money without having to interact with traditional financial systems.

    “I strongly believe that crypto in general, not only NFTs, can aid underprivileged groups, particularly the Black community,” she says.

    Pierre has had a lot of success in space, but it hasn’t always been simple or normal for her. Before investing in cryptocurrency, financial experts advise being cautious, understanding the risks, and conducting extensive research.

    “I do sincerely feel that crypto and NFTs can be the road of true financial freedom and freedom from racist government and bank systems,” she continues.

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