This Valentine’s Day, gift complete ownership to your partner- buy them an NFT!

    When it comes to gifting, we look for something unique and special. But when we want to buy a present for our partner- on Valentine’s Day no less- there is an added pressure of what they’ll like and what will stay with them forever.

    Roses will wilt, chocolates will be consumed, a teddy bear or perfume won’t last too long, but there is one thing that will last forever- a digital asset.

    This gifting season, give your partner something that will be theirs completely- a unique item- a non-fungible token. It can be an audio file or an artwork of or from their favorite artist, an exclusive collectible from their favorite fashion brand, or a sports car digital artwork, gift them with something that will have their complete ownership, forever.

    How to gift an NFT.

    Get ready with your crypto wallets and digital wallets, most marketplaces accept Ethereum, so that will work. Purchase or bid for the NFT you want from your account, then follow these steps:

    • Select the item you want to gift, most NFT Marketplaces have the transaction button.
    • Key in the recepient’s wallet address. Ensure that the address is correct, once you traansfer the NFT, you cannot get it back.
    • Select thr tranfer button and pay the gas fee.
    a bit too ordinary, isn’t it?

    Forget about ordinary presents, bring them NFT “Gift Baskets”

    Just like the physical gift baskets, NFT baskets have an assortment of various NFTs. It is possible to transfer the ownership of the entire wallet/ ETH address to your loved one.

    Charged Particles Protocol is used to convert your NFT into a basket, allowing you to hold many tokens at once. This protocol will enable users to deposit ERC-20 tokens into an NFT.

    After the transfer, use ERC-721 and send the entire basket to whomever you want to.

    NFTs up for sale on Valentine’s Day:

    While you may have thousands of options available to buy an NFT from, there are two trending Valentine’s special NFTs that have garnered a lot of attention. They are-

    • NFT of “The Kiss”
      Austrian Artist Gustav Klimt’s famous painting- called “The Kiss” is up for sale as announced by The Belvedere Museum in the Austrian capital of Vienna. This drop is in collaboration with the NFT investment fund artèQ.

      The painting will be split into a 100×100 grid, then the 10,000 inimitable individual pieces will be sold as NFTs. The buyers can leave a special message to their loved ones as they will get an option to dedicate the piece to them.

      Interested people can purchase the NFT from, thwy will receive the authorisation to purchase minted NFTs on February 9.
    • Valentine’s Day NFT Cards called “I heart you”.
      Artist and popular Instagram model Leah Schrager, announced the sale of collection, comprised of photos from her highly popular Finsta, @OnaArtist. The drop will be live on and will come with a “Personal Love Message”.
      The deal will also include exclusive access to a private Discord channel and some of her exclusive photographs, for anyone who is her fan- the deal is ideal for them.

    There are many other options in the NFT Marketplaces and are expected to increase as the date draws nearer. So what are you waiting for? Buy your partner the perfect gift ever -and forever.

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