Top 3 NFT projects which you buy to support Ukraine.  

    Everyone in the world knows what is going on in the world right now. Russia has invaded a small country Ukraine. All the democratic countries and their people are opposing this attack on Russia. 

    They are helping Ukraine by different means. Some countries provide ammunition and arms, while others ban Russian companies or their products, thus collapsing the Russian economy. People are also helping Ukraine by donating money to buy ammunition and stop the Russian invasion. Due to this Russian invasion, several crypto community members have supported Ukraine. 

    According to Coindesk, about $100 Million is donated for Ukraine. If you also support Ukraine and want to help them in their time of need, below are the few funds raising projects. 


    RELI3F is a humanitarian aid initiative founded by the Web3 community. The project raised over $1 Million in less than 30 minutes of its initial launch last month. Their team members include some 37 influential figures from the Web3 space. These include Andrew Wang, Satvik Sethi, and many more. It’s 100% of the primary sales goes to the support relief for Ukraine. Also, all the royalties from the secondary sales will either support Ukraine or their artists, charity, and initiatives. 


    While in most of the cases of fundraising for Ukraine by the DAO and by NFTs, funds firstly go to the creator’s wallet. After that, these funds are then transferred to the Ukrainian wallet or other charity wallets. This is why WeStandUkraineNFT stands apart from others. Instead of receiving it in their wallet, they directly send the amount into Ukraine’s official ETH wallet. This ensures that all the money reaches the Ukrainian government with 100% transparency. 

    The project’s notes on the website say, “We have developed a smart contract from which every proceeding would go straight to Ukraine’s official ETH wallet without reaching another wallet. To not waste ETH for gas fees, donations from the smart contract are withdrawn once daily.” 

    They offer an unlimited supply of badges to the buyers who buy this NFT. This project is funded by “some people” who are against Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine. However, their name is still not revealed in the world. 

    Vandalz for Ukraine: NFT by Wladimir Klitschko and WhlsBe

    Wladimir Klitschko is a Ukrainian boxing champion and two-time heavyweight world champion. He has launched an NFT collection to raise funds for his country. He is also the brother of former world boxing champion and Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko. He has created this project in partnership with WhlsBe, a digital artist. It was launched on March 9 this year. He has reimagined his iconic ‘Vandal Gummy Bears’ in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, which is yellow and blue. 

    The NFTs are available for a total of three weeks. It has been placed at three prices – $100, $1000, and $10,000 each. They are also planning to auction a unique 1-of-1 NFT for $1 Million. The entire amount collected from the sales and the auction will directly transfer to Red Cross Ukraine, UNICEF Ukraine, and Ukrainian relief to fund their support for providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. 

    These are the top 3 NFTs that you can buy to support Ukraine in its time of need. They need more money to survive the Russian attack. These projects are 100% transparent and also 100% reliable. 

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