Top NFT projects to scout in 2022

    In the investment sector gear shift, cryptocurrencies are taking place in sector, especially NFTs on the road to stardom.  NFTs are becoming more and more popular and beneficial in today’s climate. With its emergence over the past year, especially in 2021, NFTs have experienced an unprecedented economic boom. In 2021, the NFT sector generated more than $ 41 billion in total global market revenue.

    This course will continue and offers more opportunities and growth for industry investors and related creators. The NFT realm is quite adaptable and evolves with each of its use cases, making room for more growth in the streamlined, niche divisions within the sector.  The NFT marketplace makes up the online storefront for the NFT projects.

    They vary depending upon the niche area of the target audience they are trying to capture. Some have integrated multiple sectors into one single umbrella of marketplaces, and others have dedicated spaces catering to a specific niche. Let’s take a look at some of the most projects and their marketplaces from 2022 and beyond.


    Probably one of the more unique NFT projects to promote and successfully promote “punk” as a monetizable concept in NFT spaces. Cryptopunk experienced a boom when it was introduced to the world in 2017. Over 10,000 unique punks featuring humans, aliens, and occasionally zombie punks with unique traits.  Cryptopunks was a pandemic and was launched by Larva Labs, one of the largest platforms, unlike Opensea.  Unlike other major projects hosted by Opensea, Larva Labs is anomalous. The highest selling crypto punk when writing the article is crypto punk 7523. It went for upwards of $11million.

    Bored Ape Yacht Club

    Bored ape yacht club is another character punk-based highly successful NFT project that has become a household name and a prestigious purchase in the crypto trade realm. There are only 10,000 apes in existence. Each ape is unique in traits and rarity. The highest selling NFT went close to $3 million. But the project’s success made it possible for another launch in the same realm: Mutant ape yacht club. The collection is sold out, but the apes are still available and listed on Opensea for sale. Opensea is one of the better and most recognizable marketplaces, perfect for hosting a plethora of talent and creators like the BAYC.

    Beyondlife club

    The most influential market that catered to the Indian audience and found unparalleled success in their debut release with the Amitabh Bachchan NFT release. Stan Lee, Hindustan Times NFT, Metaverse NFT project “Chakra The Invincible” closely related to marriage continues (unique) Their debut project hasn’t made nearly $ 900,000 in revenue, and the secondary market is full of flat tires that are up to 200 times their base price. The platform is also responsible for its pioneers by working with one of the greatest actors in the Indian film industry, which is itself a pioneer. With the introduction of the chakras and the most influential moments in Indian history by the Hindustan Times NFT publication, you have something revolutionary in your previous field.

    Mutant Ape Yacht Club

    MAYC was born to support fans of projects that were launched as an economic measure and could not beat the bank by investing in BAYC NFTs. Not surprisingly, this project was a huge hit with the masses. There are 20,000 mutant apes in existence, each with its own characteristics and traits. One of the standout features is the “mutant serum,” where the bored apes are given the serum to make them turn into mutants. They are also exclusively available at Opensea for purchase and trading.

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