Ukrainian Farmers is selling Real-Life Russian Tanks on OpenSea as NFTs. 

    Everyone in the world knows what is going on right now. Russia has invaded a small country Ukraine. All the democratic countries and their people are opposing this attack on Russia. 

    They are helping Ukraine by different means. Some countries provide ammunition and arms, while others ban Russian companies or their products, thus collapsing the Russian economy. People are also helping Ukraine by donating money to buy ammunition and stop the Russian invasion. Due to this Russian invasion, several crypto community members have supported Ukraine. 

    Recently, a Ukrainian farmer listed three Russian tanks as NFT on the OpenSea. His name is not known yet. However, his location is near Kyiv. He has recorded a real asset, and if you are fond of soviet war machines or tanks, you can quickly get them on OpenSea.

    Farmer’s innovative idea

    It can be called an innovative idea to sell an original piece of the physical asset on a marketplace such as OpenSea, where only digital parts are sold. However, everyone may wonder how these small farmers possess these large Russian tanks. Upon asking this question, he answered that these tanks were ethically sourced from Russia, and you’ll get a clean interior inside them. 

    This answer is skeptical because everyone knows about the war between Russia and Ukraine. It is most probable that these tanks are used in the war, and it’s left behind, or the Russian soldier owning them might be dead. He added that the tanks are fully equipped with all the equipment and not haunted. 

    Three Russian Tanks

    This farmer has put a sale for three Russian tanks. First is the T-64BV, a T-72A, and the last one, T-80U. He explained that each NFT would contain a secret tag, and upon purchasing it, it would tell you were to receive its piece and how to operate it. He also says that the buyer will have to move this tank out of Ukraine at their own risk and by their transport means. 

    Why is it not bought by anyone?

    The first solidarity NFT to help hospitalized children in Ukraine - How  smart Technology changing lives

    Many factors can illustrate this. First, many people don’t come to buy tangible assets on OpenSea. The second one is there is not much clarity that these tanks belong to the farmers. As this is army equipment, the Ukraine government might seize this. Also, the headache to transport the 60-ton war things from the war zone. 

    Last but not least, the country in which they live will allow any person to have a private war tank of their own, which might be a significant danger to others. Most of the country will not allow its people to keep this war machine.

    The farmer has clearly stated that getting his family out of war is his priority. For that, he needs money. So, he has put these three war tanks on sale at OpenSea. Being a new owner of the mightiest Soviet war tanks might sound interesting, but the reality is it is not. 

    Because this is an original war piece in 100% perfect conditions to fight, no country will allow its people to have this as this will become a matter of national security for them. So, in my opinion, it is a bad option to consider because the truth is that you will not be able to become the owner of this tank.  

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