Unknown wallet owns more than $250 million worth of NFTs.

    Everyone in the world today is going crazy about NFTs. They are titled as the next big thing after cryptocurrency. We all are hearing now and then every day that someone is making millions just by selling ordinary art in the NFT space. This is attracting more and more people to this space. We all know how the sales went up in NFT last year and have broken all the previous records. There are many NFT collection which has been valued for millions. Many celebrities and famous people are getting involved in space, and their involvement creates a huge hype among the people. 

    Unnamed Wallet 

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    You may have heard about many people who have NFT collections worth millions of dollars. Like celebrity Legan Paul or Eminem, who now have NFT worth millions of dollars, it is still going up with time. There is a new name that has been added to the list. Some days ago, one of the NFTs media found out about an unnamed wallet that has a collection worth millions of dollars. It’s an unnamed wallet with no social media links or accounts from which they can be identified. Their profile photo is also a person who is wearing a mask. 

    However, in their wallet, you can only see how much their collection and how much they have sold their collection, and at what price. It is still unknown if a single person owns this, a group of individuals, or a company. This has made an interest in the media’s mind, and they have started to investigate to find out who owns them. 


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    You might call it a craze to collect those rare NFT collections, but they have the most expensive NFT. They have 22 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, whose starting price is valued at 52 Ethereum or approximately $210,000. This unnamed wallet also has 215 CryptoPunks, each with a minimum value of $200,000. They also have 286 Meebits NFT collections. These Meebits are produced from the same Larva Lab-created BAYC NFTs. 83 Clone X NFT, which Nike has also supported. 250 Mafia Gang game NFT also has an expensive NFT and contains an excellent value. 242 Color Study NFTs are also in their wallet. They also have many other expensive NFTs valued at a high price, and their collection is increasing day by day. We can easily calculate that this wallet has a total value of more than $250 million by doing maths. This valuation is going up day by day as the NFT space is getting more popular due to the rise in super rare expensive NFT. 

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    It can be worth saying that this wallet can quickly be valued at $1 billion if the NFT market space goes up the same way as it is going today. There are many speculations that it might be a hacker account because there are numerous hacking cases in the NFT space. It can be the wallet of any celebrity, any businessman, or an average man or woman who doesn’t want to open up his or her name. Despite all these speculations, this wallet’s collection is just excellent and worth millions of dollars.    

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