Upcoming NFT projects to look out for.

    Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are digital assets that can be purchased and sold with the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The word “non-fungible” refers to the fact that each object is distinct from the others, even if they appear to be identical.

    The value and popularity of each item or NFT, on the other hand, would follow a distinct path. From a technical standpoint, NFTs enable the purchase and sale of unique digital things like photos, drawings, real estate, memes, songs, and anything else unique available that can be posted in the digital world.

    You should locate and track potentially good NFT projects before they launch and begin minting if you want to invest early. These investments in the early stages give good returns.
    Two of the best upcoming NFT projects are listed below.

    Diverse NFT project.

    Amelie Maia and Tas Koshino co-founded Diverse in March 2021.
    In the NFT art space, Diverse company is a group that encourages and nurtures variety and inclusivity. They believe that bringing individuals together with a similar interest in artistic practice can lead to new connections, ideas, and cooperation.

    Diverse aims to reflect the world’s beauty in their NFTs and promote diversity, equality, and inclusion in their work. Communities that are frowned upon and are not given a chance to raise their voices, be it women, non-binary, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC, are invited to share their NFT creations.

    The goal of Diverse is to motivate a community to make changes that promote inclusivity and authenticity in a vibrant, one-of-a-kind environment.
    The concept and the art behind Diverse are already gaining popularity, and it will not take much time for the beautiful life-like NFTs to sell once the collection is launched.

    There are a total of 5,000 pieces in the NFT Collection having texture, colors, features, and everything similar to a human- this makes for a gorgeous graphic arts collection.

    Know the owners.

    Amelie Maia, an English artist based in Toronto, creates art and sculpture using code as a medium. Her initiatives and artworks are primarily concerned with the connection between human emotion and art.

    Tas Koshino, a curator, researcher, and artist from Brazil, primarily works with drawing and experimenting with other media. She looks into how sketching may be used to embrace imprecision and impermanence, allowing for a new perception to arise.

    Megaland Aliens.

    Megaland, a universe shared in dreams- this is the line that you will read after opening the official Megaland Aliens website. Launching in February 2022, a digital collection of 10101 unique surreal NFT paintings having “alien” features and skins, the Megaland Aliens is a different concept that goes into a deep virtual world.

    The website gives a unique description of what these NFTs will be. Megaland is a universe full of odd and exceptional happenings. People that enter Megaland encounter not only new experiences but also new bodies. Their physical appearances are a result of their experiences on Earth. New Megalandiers are frequently unfamiliar with unique body types and skills.

    Pre-Sales, Rankings and Public Minting

    There will be 3000 Megaland Aliens available to mint during the presale period. The company will release the rarity tables after the presale and submit them for rarity ranking.

    The remaining 7101 Megaland Aliens NFTs will be available for purchase on the official website via the public mint after the presale period is over.

    These two amazing projects bring us closer to the world around us and are actual works of art.

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