US Museum of NFTs explains the technology behind non-fungible tokens.

    Usually, when we hear about museums, we imagine their interiors filled with classic artworks or pieces of ancient history or works of literature or phenomena of science, basically anything worth preserving and showcasing.

    But there is one museum in the United States of America with a rather futuristic outlook. The Seattle NFT Museum showcases the original artworks upon which their digitalized token(NFT) is based. They also explain the technology behind them and the concept behind non-fungible tokens and Web3.0.

    The Seattle NFT Museum aims to help its visitors get a clear understanding of the history and the progress of the digitalized assets and how they are minted and traded. The museum’s co-founder Peter Hamilton states that “the point of a physical space is to make everything easily accessible to everyone.”

    A non-fungible token is a non-transferable unit of data that may be sold and traded and is held on a blockchain. They are a kind of digital ledger, where any digital media such as photographs, videos, and audio can be recorded.

    A different concept requires a different exhibition.

    The art on display at the Seattle NFT Museum is sourced from artists, makers, renowned galleries, and collectors and stored on the blockchain. Their exhibition calendar is packed with well-known works from around the world, including Seattle.

    The interested people can go on their official website and explore featured artists, collections, and the education material provided on the webpage and can be accessed from their respective links.

    They aim to create awareness among the audience and educate and inspire upcoming artists and creators.

    Technology and quality equipment to provide the best experience to the visitors.

    The experiences at NFT Museum are divided into three broad categories, and written below is a brief description of each of them.

    • The digital art experience.
      The museum aims to provide an environment that gives an enriching experience to their visitors. This means bright and beautiful crystal clear images- meaning that the pixels will not split in those large exhibitions.
      The exhibitions are the orginial installations of the artist’s work. Each installation is linked to meta data, the artist’s storey, and more, so your adventure is only beginning with each new discovery.

      A visit to the Seattle NFT Museum will mean an encounter with some of the most intriguing NFT digital art presented on big, high-resolution displays, all meant to pique the interest of first-time viewers, collectors, enthusiasts, and the next generation of digital artists.
      These quality displays come with  85” to 32”, across portrait and landscape orientations.
    • Collections.
      Currently on the museum’s calendar is exhibition 1/27-2/25. This is their first exhibition and is claimed to confront visitors with a variety of categories and artist approaches.
      Their purpose is to introduce novices to the numerous flowering paths of digital art and communities, ranging from 3D generated animations to pure generative art.
    • Education.
      This is the last category that the museum focuses on. It is a direct interpretation of the learnings gained from the above two categories.

    It is true that you can only know about things when you watch them and observe them. This is especially true of NFTs, a reasonably new player in the world of digital assets, and the Seattle NFT Museum is a good place to gain knowledge from.

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