Voiceverse NFT, the world’s first voice NFT is super popular among collectors.

    What is Voiceverse?

    The Voice NFT is a second-generation non-fungible tokens collection based on artificial intelligence. It features a high-functioning utility that allows the buyer to own a unique voice in the Metaverse completely.

    Simply put, people can now own “voices” too. Their NFTs will be a part of The Voice Origins Avatars. There are a total of 8,888 non-fungible tokens up for minting. All the buyers of the Voice Origins will be whitelisted for future voice projects automatically.

    Idea and Technology behind VoiceVerse.

    One statement sums up the idea of the Voice Origins, as stated on their website-
    “Voice of, by and for the Metaverse.”

    Their vision is to provide a voice to the audience of Metaverse. They used LOVO Artificial Intelligence (a platform that creates voice projections with the help of human-like AI voices).

    The Voice Originals have partnered with some of the giants in the tech and IT world. The list includes-

    • Kakao- South Korea’s largest entertainment media and IT corporation group.
    • LG- Formerly Lucky-Goldstar, it is South Korea’s one of the oldest and largest conglomorate.
      Early stage investors from Silicon Valley are-
    • Berkeley SkyDeck- High-tech entrepreneurship startup accelerator and incubator program from the University of California.
    • Primer Sazze Partners- California based firm that funds potentially high revenue generating start-ups with vision.
    • Hustle Fund- An “Angel squad” that invests in well performing firms.

    Voiceverse Origins, sells out in just 10 minutes.

    Being the world’s first Voice NFT sure has its perks; this might be seen when Voiceverse Origins was sold out in just 10 minutes. It has since been trending in all OpenSea categories. Its creators believe that the next generation of NFTs will allow users to own a voice in the Metaverse.

    All the buyers of voice origins will be entitled to:

    • Use their NFT voices across all the platfroms- from video games, to video calls and many more.
    • Create an NFT voice of theirselves or of their loved ones, without any special requirements or permits.
    • They can also “breed” a new NFT voice. This can be done by mixing/ merging two or more voices.
    • Lastly, they are free to add their voices in their PFPs (the NFT profile picture), it is quite like giving their profile’s a life.

    The Voice Origins NFT confesses to using non-commercial service voice lines.

    In the controversies that surround the Voiceverse, this one stood out the most. Voiceverse was caught using their technology for the Voice of a cartoon character, but the Voice was obtained from, a non-commercial text-to-speech service. This was reported by Eurogamer, who sourced Voiceverse’s now-deleted tweets.

    The developer of claimed that Voiceverse NFT was “actively seeking to take my work for their advantage” in a tweet and added that the company was aware of it. According to log data, the service was utilized by Voiceverse for an AI-powered voice to be marketed as an NFT.

    Allegedly, the company “pitched up the voice to intentionally make it sound unrecognizable from Rainbow Dash’s original voice.”

    While the controversies are always a part of the road towards fame and success, for The Voiceverse, these might garner interest from others who would like the idea of owning two voices. One in the real world comes from their vocals and the other in the Metaverse comes from the Voiceverse.

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