What are different types of NFT

    Eminem bought his first NFT for USD 452k. Twitter’s creator Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet for $2.9 million. You must have heard these types of news recently. This news also tells you how fascinating NFT is all about. How many are earning a million just by selling digital art? So before jumping into the world of NFT, lets us know what the different types of NFT in the world are right now.

    Different types of NFT

    There are millions and billions of NFTs in today’s world. Also, a lot more will be coming in the upcoming future. But at this point, NFT are broadly classified into eight groups.

    1 Artwork                     


    The most popular form of NFT in the present world is Artwork. It refers to programmable art, which features the unique concoction of creativity and technology. At present, there are many NFTs that are trading at a very high price. The Artwork also includes video art, GIFs, and short videos. You must have heard about the most expensive NFT ever sold for a whopping $69 million to artist Beeple.

    2. Music

    It has been an excellent fungible token since the beginning. Some various renowned artists or musicians have made millions from NFT. It includes records, cassettes, CDs etc. Two platforms which help artists mint their songs into an NFT are Rarible and Mintbase.

    3. Collectibles

    They are digital trading cards. Like selling a limited edition baseball card for thousands of dollars, NFT is also sold. People trade digital version collectables items or trading cards in the NFT market. These collectables can be sold for over millions also.

    4. Domain Names

    NFT are also domain names that are becoming more popular now Because they cutouts the middleman, and you don’t need to pay any amount to a third-party company to manage your domain name. It reduces the amount to even half for a person to buy the domain name.

    5. Video Games Items

    Video games items are also present as NFT in the marketplace to buy. Usually, companies don’t sell their entire game; they deal in games items like characters, uniforms, skin, etc. It is now becoming viral as many people want to get their favourite character.

    6. Sports

    Many famous and vital sports moments in history, like Germany winning the FIFA world cup. There could be a clip of this that is turned into NFT. These clips or short videos can be minimum trimmed to 10 seconds but are sold at a much higher price.

    7. Memes

    Memes are now being sold in the NFT marketplace, making the NFT market a big interesting one. However, the person is the actual seller, which means no one can sell them. Meme NFT is sold for as high as $4 million, known as Doge Meme.

    8. Assets of Real World

    Although there is not much NFT present in this group in the NFT world, many NFT projects focus on luxury items and real estate.

    So, these are a collaborative group of NFTs currently present, but there are more upcoming NFTs in the world. As time goes on, the NFT list will continue to grow in the coming days. The best is that you can make your NFT and sell it in the market, making it more diversified.

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