What does it take to be a successful NFT artist?

    When you’re just starting out in the crypto world, everything from deciding which marketplace is right for you to wrap your head around minting, gas prices, and digital wallets can be frightening. We’ve got you covered if you’re thinking of creating and selling your own NFTs. Four Verisart certified NFT makers were asked to share their success tips.

    Locate the best marketplace for you.

    There are various exchanges where you may buy and sell NFTs. The most comprehensive collection of crypto-collectibles can be found at OpenSea. You can mint everything from NFT artwork to gaming objects, trading cards, and other digital artifacts. The platform allows anybody to buy, sell, and trade NFTs, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to reach a big audience.

    Looking at the average sales price and quantity on each platform can be helpful if your goal is to increase sales. Verisart aids artists in minting and listing work for sale on OpenSea and Rarible, but artists can certify any NFTs produced on Ethereum exchanges.

    Make use of a testnet

    Before minting their artworks on NFT marketplaces like Rarible and OpenSea, artists can use test-nets. Testnets are similar to the software that powers cryptocurrencies and are regularly used to conduct experiments without interrupting the main chain. NFT artists benefit from testnets in terms of gaining a better understanding of the process and avoiding mistakes.

    When gas prices are low, mint your NFTs.

    Gas charges cover the computational mining power required to conduct transactions on the Ethereum network. These fees fluctuate in reaction to network usage in real-time. To put it another way, when the network is crowded, gas prices skyrocket.

    Minting while the Ethereum market is quiet is a good way to avoid paying hefty expenses. “I like to mint only when the days are serene and still,” says Melissa Duarte, a Brazilian digital and NFT artist. “I set my Metamask to a maximum GWEI [a small unit of ETH] value that I believe can be attained in a few hours.” Etherscan is a fantastic tool for artists who want to keep track of real-time gas costs by location and time of day.

    Learn how to use social media to promote yourself.

    You can’t expect marketplaces to take care of everything. Understanding how to properly advertise yourself on social media is essential for attracting potential collectors, building a reputation, and enhancing the discoverability of your art. “It’s not only about minting,” Wood argues, “I’ve sold more [NFTs] as a result of marketing more.”

    Make friends with other artists.

    Social media is a fantastic way to connect with other creators who share your passions. The NFT market would not be what it is today if it were not for the community’s support. “Because the market is driven by other artists, it helps to magnify each other’s opinions,” says Lev Libeskind, one of the group’s founders.

    Andrew Wood credits his 16K Twitter followers to the fact that he posts content from other producers on a daily basis on his account. As a result of the gesture, other artists and collectors became aware of his work. Many NFT artists collect NFT artwork from their peers, so who knows, maybe this will result in a few purchases!

    Don’t always blend in the crowd

    While some artists make a living selling NFTs, many more struggle to get noticed. It’s not as simple as that. According to Wood, NFT artists aim to follow in Beeple’s footsteps and sell their works for $65 million, but according to Beeple, the market is saturated. “Getting people’s attention is incredibly tough,” Lev Libeskind explains. Define what makes you unique as an artist and use it to set yourself apart from the crowd. Melissa adds, “I stood out a lot for doing what I wanted, and I’ll always do the art I want to make, not the art I believe would sell the best.”

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