What is Apiens all about?

    NFT to modernize the crypto world

    NFT is the newest buzzword in the crypto world. A variety of goods, ranging from paintings to sculptures, are being combined with NFTs to entice NFT aficionados to invest in these virtual items. The concept of Apiens, on the other hand, is slightly different. This Web3 startup specializes in blockchain-enabled clothes.

    The goal, according to the founders, is to create a community where NFT-integrated items may be exchanged and sold. In addition, their objective is to create a unique wearing experience for NFT and crypto-native people using blockchain-integrated clothing.

    A new and unique ecosystem

    Apiens intends to create an ecosystem that allows its members to benefit from the following:

    Purchase some of Apiens’ most valuable items. You have the option of keeping the inventory, exchanging it, or selling it. If you keep your Apiens and sell products, you may be able to earn a commission. The creators aim to keep offering commissions so that NFT supporters don’t sell their tokens after a few months.

    This is a unique startup that allows users to establish a business while also having access to its brand partners. It allows its members complete freedom to start a business and earn as much as they can. Once you become a member, you’ll be able to take advantage of huge discounts from all of Apiens’ partner brands.

    This is not a firm that will solely focus on connecting its staff with NFTs; it will continue to develop new products and services while also rewarding its members. HELP3, EDU3, and Cloth3 or BIC are a few ecosystem components to keep an eye out for.

    What is BIC?

    BIC (blockchain integrated clothing) refers to garments and outfits that are connected to the blockchain using Near Field Communication (NFC) or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) (RFID). The safest sources for building site linkages are RFID and NFC. Putting the NFT-enabled outfit in front of the integrated RFID creates an instant site link. When you position this gadget near the product, it will open the pre-set URL for that product.

    Do you have any ideas on how to wash these clothes if they have technological devices on them? The programmers have devised a solution. They’ve used water-resistant foil to wrap the RFID chips. This means the items can be washed as many times as you desire. Furthermore, unless you use a sharp item to remove the foil, it will not tear or shatter.

    Why should you choose Apiens?

    Apiens is a Web3 enthusiast-focused next-generation NFT startup. The founders feel that practically everything is becoming internet-connected these days. So it’s past time for garments to be connected with NFTs. Apiens allows you to purchase clothing that will have a high resale value in the future. Aside from the basic Apiens NFTs available to the general public, the founders have a set of customized NFTs dedicated solely to celebrities. The founders had already released an honorary piece for Paris Hilton on the day of her wedding. Keep an eye on the NFTs made specifically for other celebrities.

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