Why global fast-food giants are serving NFTs?

    Why are the companies serving NFTs?

    NFTs are used as a membership token for the Bored Breakfast Club’s coffee subscription. Bored Breakfast Club signed up with Yes Plz, a Los Angeles-based coffee shop, in February 2022 to give its members a coffee subscription. What is the mechanism behind it? During each coffee release, NFT holders can claim one bag of coffee per token. To get the coffee, users must go to the Bored Breakfast Club website’s reward section and link their wallets with Bored Breakfast Club NFTs. Members can get free coffee delivered to their homes as a result of this.

    What is an NFT?

    But what exactly is NFT? A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a crypto asset that a digital ledger has certified as unique. The concept is founded on the economic principle of fungibility, which states that an identical object can be substituted. Nothing in terms of traits and attributes can replace something that is non-fungible. Fast-food corporations use NFTs for a variety of purposes, including short-term promotions, brand growth, and brand recognition by serving NFTs.

    McDonald’s triple cheeseburger NFT

    Would you rather have non-edible cheeseburgers with your fries? Yes, you read that correctly. To launch its NFT line, fast-food business McDonald’s Italy teamed with three digital artists: lettering artist Daniele Tozzi, illustrator Serena Gianoli, and designer Nicola Laurora. It has 300 digital collectibles in its collection.

    The NFTs were first introduced at the OpenSea NFT marketplace, where 300 NFTs were given away in a contest. The company’s US division previously produced an NFT in 2021 to promote the restoration of the classic McRibs sandwich to the menu. NFTs were utilized by the food giant to rebrand and engage with local artists in order to create money.

    Burger King’s – Keep it Real NFT Campaign 

    Burger King took their NFT game to the next level by launching an NFT promotion as part of its “Keep It Real Campaign.” The fast-food behemoth removed 120 artificial substances from its menu as part of the initiative.

    Burger King inserted QR codes on six million meal boxes, allowing customers to access three NFT game pieces in total. The customer was awarded one of three unlocking rewards after collecting all three: a digital collectible, a year’s worth of burgers, or a phone call with one of the campaign’s celebrity spokesmen. Burger King used NFTs as part of its digital branding strategy to raise brand recognition and improve consumer loyalty.

    Taco Bell’s Ever-Crunching NFT Tacos

    Taco Bell released its first batch of Taco-themed digital collectibles on the NFT marketplace Rarible in the year 2021. Five distinct NFTs were included in the collection, all of which were rapidly sold out.

    Taco Bell’s digital tacos, such as “Ever-Crunching Tacos,” “Gimme That,” “‘Tato Dimensions,” “Transformative Taco,” and “Swivel Taco,” were a hit, despite the fact that none of them were edible or real! It was a mix of photographs, GIFs, and short video clips. The proceeds from the sale were donated to The Taco Bell Foundation, the company’s public charity, and the fast-food behemoth illustrated how it could employ NFTs to improve its customer relationships.

    Pizza Hut’s One Byte Favorites NFTs

    Pizza Hut Canada joined the NFT bandwagon in March 2021, launching a digital-only pizza assortment called “1 Byte Favorites.” The name implies that one byte is equal to 8 bits.

    The company released updated NFTs of a pizza slice with a different recipe on Rarible during the debut week. It includes Hawaain, Pepperoni, Canadian, and Margherita pizza recipes, among others. The NFTs were a hit, and they were rapidly sold out. The NFT collection was part of a marketing drive to promote the company’s pan pizzas and draw attention to them.

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