Yuga Labs CEO hints about a new mysterious NFT Project coming soon.

    NFT is becoming better and bigger every day. Its sales have reached $40 billion last year and are expected to $55 billion this year. One interested in this NFT knows about the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. It is the most popular and expensive NFT globally, with a floor price of a minimum of 52 ETH. Almost everyone in the NFT space wants to own a BAYC NFT. 

    Yuga Labs create BAYC NFT. Recently, Yuga Labs CEO Nicole Muniz has announced in an interview given to the D3 network that they are planning to introduce a new future project. It is a mysterious project, and she doesn’t talk much about it, which has excited the NFT community.

    Interview with D3 Network

    Laurie Segall of the D3 network took the interview. She discussed the success of its popular collections, especially BAYC NFT, the impact of web3, and the future of the NFT collections. Nicole Muniz started to answer by listing the limitless advantages and possibilities that BAYC NFT holders get. She also asked why people spend a hefty amount on the BAYC NFT collection. She said, “It is for the culture, momentum, and community the BAYC NFT provides to them.” 

    She also added that BAYC was just the beginning when she was asked if she was worried about the regular people who could not afford to buy this NFT and would be ruled out of the project. “Yuga Labs is a massive company and has a lot of vision and plans for the future, which means that they will help grow their community, which eventually will lead to the NFT community.”

    Founders of Bored Ape NFTs Revealed - TechnoPixel

    When posed the question related to future projects from Yuga Labs, Muniz didn’t respond very actively and let the question passes by. She simple nodded her head and kept smiling as seem that she didn’t want to give that answer and passed to the next question. After that, Muniz was well-spoken and quickly answered throughout the interview. This shows why she is a great face and voice for the band. The discussion concluded by her saying, “Ironically, the space of NFT and Web 3.0 is not boring”. 

    BAYC and Yuga Labs Next Plan

    Many rumors have been that Yuga Labs and BAYC NFT will release their own $APE token. Members of the NFT community, fans, and the owners of this NFT are awaiting the release of this token. They see that this is a governance token for the BAYC NFT ecosystem. But there has been no confirmation from any of both sides and not from Nicole Muniz about the release of this token. 

    Some people are waiting for a properly-run BAYC game which the company planned, but due to some issue in the production, its release is still waiting. Recently, the registration for the mobile game for BAYC and MAYC holders, which is “BAYC V/S MAYC,” is open. Any holders of these NFTs can register themselves at their official site. 

    This news about a new NFT mysterious collection has excited everyone, and people are eagerly waiting for the BAYC and Yuga Lab’s following announcement. We will keep you updated with the information related to this news. 

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